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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1st meeting of the year!


Last week is a good start for my year, I attended one event and then also a meeting. I was so excited to go back to Manila after several weeks of having a blog vacation. Yeah, I took a break for awhile but during those break was at time for some me-time, time for my family and also I look back on what happened last 2015 and see what I can do more this 2016.

My holiday vacation is like a rest week and also a time for me to work on my blog branding. I did some few tweaks which gave awesome results, then and I collaborated with my my wife in fixing our blogs, we exchange comments and did some plans together for the upcoming 2016, I know it will be another busy for the start of January because we both now are full time bloggers and online publishers.


I just can’t describe my feeling when I was on my way to Manila. Ganito pala ang feeling pag malayo ka sa Manila and you only have time to go there when you have important things to do.

I feel like a probinsyano already hahaha. Ganun pala ang feeling.


I was back to my daily grind and I learned that Manila is still like hell, because of the massive traffic jams and also hassle of commuting during rush hours.

But I love going back there.because I was born there and grew up in Manila, its hard to leave the city that opens the gates of….. (insert word here) ….. opportunities hahahaha


On my way to my 1st blogger gig, I used this shoulder bag that I got from the US Embassy. I totally forgot that I have this bag.

So ginamit ko na and it looks neat.

Kaso badtrip, I brought my DSLR and di ko naman nagamit


I rode the carpool taxi in Ayala-Edsa and here I spotted a fellow blogger seated infront of me
That guy..yung color red ang hair.

can you guess who it is???


I attended the CANON Philippines event and it was the 1st event of the year for us bloggers and media.
I also love the food here in Single Origins in BGC, the truffle creamy pasta is good. Balik ako dun next time.


Its great to see also the blogger dads
mini reunion na din pag may events. Shout out to and

Also I met my colleagues from the PBNET team, di lang nakapag hang out after kasi may kanya kanya agenda din.

But its still a great start for the week and for the year.


After the CANON event, I went to Glorietta to rest (as in restroom) and also check out some gadgets and drones.

Btw, thanks to Myke Soon for the car lift to Glorietta.


Here’s a drone prospect… a nano drone priced at PHP1.2k
hmmm oks kaya to? (the one on the lower left, colored blue)

The most exciting part of my day is that when I met a member of a marketing team of a brand. Their proposal to me is that they want to tap me to help them promote their products.

Im so up for it because Im so interested to be their voice in promoting their brand. It will be my first time to encounter their brand, it was okay, because the product line that they have falls under my interest.


My ka-meeting was in the café counter ordering our hot coffee and banana loaf, I took a photo of her seat just to immortalize this good vibes for the start of 2016 hahaha.

I know she will read this… salamat po for trusting me and my blog.


At the end of my day….the usual daily grind during rush hours is felt.
Ang hirap sumakay pauwi.. hahahaha I took the other route, but I realized its better pala to have a long cut and instead of I do battle royale with commuter pro in Ayala Edsa.

Whew..what a year….lets do more for 2016!
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