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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When BDO atm machine cant dispense cash but still debits you


I was about to have a nice day, yeah, like go to a mall, buy some pizza, eat a yummy food in a good resto, buy toys for my son, and buy new stuff for my blog brand, then when I visited a BDO atm machine, and try to withdraw some cash, I got puzzled when the BDO atm machine just spits paper receipts and not money.

I look down the money dispenser below and saw that there’s no money and then I looked on the screen monitor and it says that the transaction is a success and I should take out my card.

I saw that there’s no money and then the paper receipt printed "UNABLE TO DISPENSE”
Ok ok, I think this is the first time for me, but I can’t stop to panic

The case is that….a large amount of my money got debited by BDO

And it was the budget in my Union Bank EON card and money was supposed to be used in something beneficial for my family.

I got pissed and then went to the other side of the ATM machine, I checked my Union Bank and its confirmed that my money is gone.

I used my other card and withdrew some cash…I got into a state of mental block because I keep on pressing the wrong button.

After withdrawing some small amount of cash from my other card, I messaged my family and told them about it.. I just need to vent out and let my wife know what happened.

I stood aside and walked to the parking lot of the mall and called the customer service of Union Bank.

The customer service girl told me that the money didn’t pushed through because the machine don’t have cash to spit out for me. She told me that she will submit a report to Megalink and then I will just have to wait for 5-7 banking days for my money to be return.

She assured that there’s nothing to worry about and the money will be returned to me digitally.

So I relaxed and think some positive stuff, because the money will be returned anyway, but imagine the hassle of it. What if I needed the money for some emergency, or I might need it to travel and fly back home.

Grabe.. but Im glad I have a 2nd card with me… nakakainis lang, I think the bad luck of banking from my 2015 experience is still here..sana heto na ang last


Para mawala ang badtrip. I went to a nearest 7 Eleven store and bought a jumbo bola bola siopao and a BB8 tumbler.

Then I went to the mall to buy some pizza for the family. In shock pa din ako, but I went to Toy Kingdom for some toy therapy, it helped me relax and put the childhood in me that appreciates everything and wave my hand like you just don’t care.

After doing some stuff in the mall…I went home na


Then after 1 hour, I went back to this ATM and then saw this sign…

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