The jimmyCASE–a wallet and case for your smartphone

The creator of the jimmyCase wallet case for smartphones had the same problems that we always experience when keeping our phones inside our pocket that kept together with our wallet, coins, money and keys. Its very bulky to keep them in one side pocket or bag and from there we experienced a hard time getting the phone in and out of our pocket that is shared with keys or coins.

The problems is that coins and keys can damage the screen and body of the smartphones and sometimes, when we take out the phone from our wallet, some items comes out along with it and its one of the causes of accidental drop of phone or loss of your wallet and keys.

The jimmyCASE was created to add more functionality of a smartphone case with slot like a wallet. You can slid your credit card, money bills, coins or keys at the back of the jimmyCASE. It’s a wallet and case at same time for your smartphone device.

Using this custom made case, your iPhone 6s will not just be a regular phone, but it will turn to as an iPhone 6s Wallet Case by using a jimmyCASE.

The jimmyCASE is made up of:
- a military-grade mahogany wood as the back case
- silicon bumper to wrap the side body of the phone
- elastic pocket that are custom-woven that gives more flexibility and stretch

The jimmyCASE for smartphones are made and available for : iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and Samsung Galaxy S4

There are two designs to choose – a wallet case version and the wood only case version

SRP starts at $USD 39 up to $ USD 49 for wallet case
and $USD 29 for wood only case.

jimmyCASE can be purchased online at and you can select or choose your style from the website by mixing a color code for your preferred design. You can custom design your own style by choosing the colors of the elastic pocket and the silicon bumper of your jimmyCASE.


jimmyCASE as your wallet case for smartphones


With the use of a jimmyCASE in your smartphones, it will be easy now to keep you credit card and cash in one safe place. No need to take out the wallet, because the jimmyCASE can do the same like a real wallet.


The elastic pocket are made from custom-woven materials and its very durable, flexible and it can stretch it self when you place a bulk of paper bills, cards or car keys.


an iPhone and a jimmyCASE, the design of the case is perfectly fit for any iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones


The jimmyCASE wooden back case is incredibly strong and light and its made from a military-grade mahogany wood.


A jimmyCASE wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S4


You can custom made your own design, you can choose from the website if you want plain colors


OR design your jimmyCASE elastic pocket with a multi color design


You can now keep your wallet inside your bag, and then place your paper bills and card into your jimmyCASE.

Its now easy to keep your phone and card in one safe place.

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Here are different lifestyle uses of a jimmyCASE

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