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Thursday, January 28, 2016

GrabTaxi is now known as simply as "Grab"

I just received an email letter from GrabTaxi’s CEO Anthony Tan. They want to let us know that their pick up ride service GrabTaxi will be known as “Grab”. I’m sure every Grab rider/traveller will receive this email.

What do you guys think?

Grab is much more used term, because it separates the taxi and car service. But then, Grab evolved more than just a car ride service, they also do deliver, ride via motorbike and soon travel via helicopter.

Read the letter below from Grab CEO:

Dear GrabTaxi traveller,

For the past few years, you’ve honored us by choosing to use our service. As founder and CEO of the company, I would sincerely like to thank you.

Today, GrabTaxi is embarking on a new journey. From this day forward we will be known as simply as - Grab. Many of you are our pioneers, you took a chance with us when many others doubted us. You were so patient with us when we couldn't deliver. You helped us grow to be the largest tech start-up Southeast Asia has ever seen. But we still have so much more to learn from you. Your loyalty has been incredibly humbling and is what motivates us to strive and improve even more everyday. We're not slowing down at all, in fact, we're just getting started.

Looking back, It’s very humbling for me to think of how we started. Our first office was a little guardhouse and the whole team could fit around one small coffee table. We didn't even have internet and had to tether off internet from our phones to our computers. It was 2012 and all we set out to do was to help people by improving the taxi service.

Then we realised we could do more. We can truly change the way people travel for the better, not just in our city, but throughout Southeast Asia.

We started new transportation services around the region with cars, bikes, deliveries and more. And our simple idea grew to something much bigger.

Because of this, we are more determined than ever to make sure we are accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. No one should be left behind. And we will keep on raising the bar for the safety of our service. No ride is better than an unsafe ride. The Grab team and I live by these missions.

So let’s continue on this journey together. We are determined to make our region a better place and because of your support we are already doing so.

As such, I’m sure you will love Grab as much as we do. Welcome to the new Grab!

Your fellow Grabber,

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