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Friday, March 24, 2017

Have you tried GRAB SHARE? a carpooling service from GRAB!

It was suggest way years ago that carpooling is the best way to help commuters go in and out and around the metro, it will help lessen traffic and also help the commuters reach their destination fast and smooth and also the carpooling scheme can also help the drivers and fellow motorist earn some buck,

But when the transport office step in and say that its illegal to do carpooling, it was the time that this should be legalize and its a proof that carpooling saved our daily lives from the hazardous traffic of Manila.

Grab is famous for its taxi hailing app and also private car service, it took some time that people accepted their service after it proves that they help commuters have a safe ride going to work, school, to malls and go back home.

I became an instant fan of their service after I accidentally book a ride from my home in Cavite, and after figuring out the tricks and trade of Grab Car, I automatically use it always for my travel from Cavite to Manila and back.

Its super expensive to use the service, do some math and you'll see that I pay Grab Car a total of less than PHP600 for my ride, back and forth Cavite-Manila.

But whenever Im on a budget, I avoid the Grab Car for the moment, but early of 2017, Im happy to learn that they are making things possible --- Get a Grab Car service and pay only a minimal price.

So enter...Grab Share!

Grab Share is their new service that offers carpooling ride to 2-3 persons only. The service will allow the rider to pay the fare with reduction of 30%.

The only catch here is that if you are the 1st person to book a Grab Share -- you are allowed to bring in 1 more person with you. OR you can ride the Grab Share solo and wait for the Grab Driver pick up one more passenger that will join with you for the Grab Share ride.

They limit the ride to 2-3 persons only.

It means that drop off point will be only 2
1 for you and 1 for the other passenger.

If you are riding with your friend, that's 2 ride already, you are only allowed to have the same drop off point.

Grab Share suggest that if you are riding with 2-3 more friends with you, then they suggest get a Grab Car instead.

I did some short experiment and here are the rate for the Grab Car ride and Grab Share

This Grab Car fare is PHP 88

But when I used the Grab Share, my fare turned out to be PHP 75

So that's my fare going to a certain destination, but Im not sure how much the fare of the 2nd passenger if we pick them up nearby. Maybe if their destination is before my drop off point, then it will be lesser than PHP 75.

According to Grab, with their new carpooling scheme Grab Share, it will help their Grab Drivers earn more, because the fare will be double or get at least 40% higher from the original booking of the passenger.

So if you are on a budget and want to have your own private car service, then get a Grab Share for your ride, but take note that you will share a ride with a stranger, so better double up your security and also be kind and nice to them also.

As for me, sharing with a fellow rider and a stranger is a bit uncomfy for me, so my plan is to save more money for my Grab Car ride and avoid sharing a ride with a stranger.

Its not my I declare that Grab Share is not for me.

But anyway, thanks to Grab for finding ways for us commuters to enjoy a safe and affordable ride around the city.

I just hope that Grab also convert their Grab Share into a Grab Van ride instead, so that they can service everyone in one ride. For example--- Grab Van to Las Pinas

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