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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hyundai Aero smartphone– the slimmest 5.1MM phone is here in the Philippines (SRP PHP 13995)

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

We can’t believe that a top car brand has finally jumped into the smartphone scene..yes, that’s a Hyundai smartphone that will be available soon here in the Philippines. I didn’t get the right launch date, but I heard that these Hyundai Aero smartphones will be out this month.

The features of Hyundai Aero smartphone is the super slim body that is made from air craft aluminum material. Its tough, hard and durable because of its metallic band around the body that supports and protect the slim Hyundai Aero smartphone from bending and dents.

Hyundai car fans should own one and appreciate the design wow factor of this Hyundai Aero smartphone. It only got an 8 MP camera with Sony Sensor, I just hope they packed it with a monster camera spec. But its okay, at least its running on Quad core that can help you finish the job.

TECH SPECS5.1 MM slim size
4.8 inches HD AMOLED Screen Display with Gorilla Glass 3
WIFI and LTE ready
Android 5.0 Lollipop
8MP Sony sensor rear camera with flash
5MP front camera
1.2 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon
NXP Smart Power Amplifier
Dirac HD Sound
Air craft grade aluminum design body

SRP PHP 13995

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

The Hyundai Aero smartphone booth at Cellprime launching event

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

Perfect fit in our hand.

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

Its so thin and you’ll think that your holding a couple of paper on your hand.
Its light weight too.

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

Hyundai logo at the back
This deserve a nice casing for more protection

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

Close up look of the 5.1 MM slim body size

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

Size comparison – my Beep Card and the Hyundai Aero smartphone
If you bundle3-4 credit cards, you’ll get the visual size of how its so slim at 5.1 MM

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

Powering it up….
super clear screen of the AMOLED display

Hyundai Aero - slimmest smartphone by Hyundai

Size comparison….
below – a Kata M2L smartphone
top – Hyundai Aero smartphone

The Hyundai Aero smartphone won the hearts of many who wants a super slim body design and compact size of their smartphones.

A promising phone that will be soon available here in the Philippines through Cellprime.

Check your local stores, and online channels for the availability of Hyundai Aero.

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