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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weber’s Delicatessen in SM Winds, Tagaytay City - New Year 2016 holiday staycation part 6

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

After the fog invasion for almost 3 days, we’re happy that the sun shines and the sky is clear again. Me and my family were so happy to go out and enjoy the cold air and sun in Tagaytay after staying indoors for days, we’ve been waiting for this since the end of December and the timing is perfect because we just welcomed the start of year 2016.

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

To celebrate the wonderful day and start of 2016, I invited my son to eat breakfast at Weber’s Delicatessen, it’s a sandwich, cheese, meat and bread store located in SM Winds tower 3, its just a walking distance from where we stayed and I’m eyeing that store since summer and Im so curious on what type of deli food they offer.

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

And here’s my breakfast date, my 5 year old son, Ashton.
He’s so excited to try the food there, he ordered a pan cake and a hot chocolate and then I ordered an Egg’s Benedict meal.

I was curious on what kind of Egg’s Benedict style that will serve to us. I have tried only two kinds of it already and they appear so differently.

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

Weber’s offer a lot of breads, baguette, hams and cheese, there are also cakes, muffins and peanuts sold inside the store.

The fun part at Weber’s is that they also allow their customers to use their super fast WIFI.
And I didn’t know that they have WIFI all these times.

I was looking for an establishment that shares WIFI to their customers since last summer and I didn’t know that Weber’s got the best connection.

In my next Tagaytay visit, I will eat my meals and snacks here and then update my blog while munching some baguettes hahaha.

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

The menu

Choice of Omelette - PHP 225
Weber's Loaded Omelette - PHP 255
French Toast - PHP 210
Country breakfast - PHP 230
Eggs Benedicto - PHP 240
Lumberjack pancake - PHP 230
Whammer Breaky - PHP 230
Chili Dog 0 OHO 199
Sloppy Joe grilled hamburger - PHP 179
Spaghetti and chili - PHP 199
Chili in a bowl - PHP 179
Toasted BLT classic - PHP 250
Grilled Buffalo Chicken sandwich - PHP 270
Chef Salad - PHP 290
Grilled chicken caesar salad - PHP 270
Hot choco and coffee - PHP 100

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

Café Latte and Hot Chocolate
PHP 100 each

Their hot chocolate is good!
Perfect hot drinks for a cold weather in Tagaytay. Its not too sweet and the choco taste is just right.
I thought at first that maybe it’s a Swiss Choco instant, but then when I tasted their version, it reminds me of that good hot chocolate at Azalea Residences Baguio Hotel.

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

Eggs Benedicto
PHP 240

Im so surprised that their style is a bit different. I did some Google search and I saw that this is the right way of preparing an Eggs Benedict. Its really good and I love the over flowing egg yolk with vinaigrette.

I got some attempts to make my own at home, but when I saw a Youtube tutorial, I realized that the preparation is not easy.

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

Lumberjack pancake
PHP 230

Their pancake meal comes with slices of Canadian ham. My son ate this and he got stuffed right away because of the ham.

The pricing of each meal is a bit pricey for me, because it doesn’t come with a hot beverage. I ordered two hot drinks for the both of us and I got charged PHP 200 for the two drinks.

But it’s a good deal already because the food tastes good and I like everything that is home made. My next visit will require me to bring my own hot coffee here at Weber’s, just to save me that PHP 100.

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

Here’s Ashton sipping his hot chocolate like a Lolo hahhaah
good job Ash!

Weber's Delicatessen in Tagaytay

Thanks Weber’s Delicatessen for making our morning awesome!!
hello sun, clouds and the blue sky….. happy new year to you!

For more info about Weber’s Delicatessen
visit their FB page -

Address: SM Wind Residences Tower 3 Unit 103 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika West Tagaytay City, Philippines
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