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Friday, February 05, 2016

Ying Ying Tea House - 7 hours in Binondo project part

Welcome to part 1 of my 12 hours tour project.

This tour project was supposed to start at 10am and end on 10pm, it’s a 12 hours tour around in Binondo, Manila or Chinatown. It’s a challenge for me to tour around and see how many sites and food hubs that I can visit in the span of 12 hours. Its my first time to take a challenge, I’ve encountered a lot of problems and hassles, but it’s a learning ground for me in doing tour maps and also organizing my own itinerary.
Lunar New Year 2016 celebration will be on Feb 7-8, 2016, Many people are now planning to visit Chinatown in Binondo, Manila to enjoy the sights and sounds of the new year celebration of the Filipino-Chinese.  My project debuts here and I decided my launch pad starts here in Binondo.

My first visit is to eat lunch at Ying Ying Tea House. I was suppose to start at 10am, but I woke up late  and I learned that I haven’t charged my cameras. It took me 2 hours to finish and 1 hour to travel. I arrived in Binondo at 12nn, then I told my fellow blogger Enzo Luna that we should meet in Ying Ying as our starting point of the walking tour, also the venue serves as our lunch too.

My sister Michelle and her friend Andrea always mentions to me this tea house. I don’t have any info about it and I only see photos of the food in some blogs but I don’t see why it is so special. I just heard that the food is good and the price have a reasonable price.

I was planning to eat my lunch here last Feast of Black Nazarene 2016, but I found out that the tea house is closed. during the feast.

Enzo mentioned to me that the tea house reminds him of Hong Kong.
I remember that we dined in a tea house in Mongkok and we sat and dine at the al fresco area of the tea house. They just placed some tables and chairs at the sidewalk to extend more space for the restaurant.

Ying Ying Tea House’s space is so small, few people can fit inside, and when we arrived, the resto is jam packed with diners. We stood there at the side, and mentioned to the waiter that we’ll dine in. We waited for some minutes before they got us a seat.

Peking Duck is one of the popular food here in Ying Ying Tea House.

I super love the restaurant, and I admit that this is my new favorite here in Binondo.
I love the old resto feeling, the aroma of Chinese food inside, and the classic style of dining.

Here’s a copy of their menu

just click to view large version.

Just like in Hong Kong, they serve free hot tea for all dining guest. Also its hard to get a drinking water.

I suggest you bring your own water  OR enjoy a free hot tea from Ying Ying Tea House

Special Pao (70)
Their siopao is big!!! and jam packed with bola bola meat and ingredients inside. To enjoy this, you can pour over or dip it in a hoisin sauce.

Kunchay dumplings.  (PHP 70)

Beef Curry rice (PHP 120)

The taste of their beef curry rice is good (giving it a a rate of 50/100 rating)
If its tasteless to you, then you have the option to adjust the flavor by adding some condiments.

Wanton Mami (PHP 110)
Enzo ordered this for his lunch, although that it took some time for them to prepare this.
I guess that they created the noodle from scratch first and then cook it in a hot boiling beef soup.

Condiments at the table

Busy staff and waiters of Ying Ying Tea House

Ying Ying Tea House
address: DasmariƱas, Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila


12 hours tour is my personal project for 2016, the concept is inspired from the people in my Facebook friends network that always ask for suggestion where to bring their foreign or local tourist friend or family to tour around in one city or province in just one day.

12 hours is my chosen ideal time in doing a tour in one day, its only a personal challenge for me if I can complete a 12 hours tour using the itinerary I created and list how many sites I can visit here in my blog.

I was supposed to make this a 24 hours tour project, but its hard to do it because some establishments close so early at night and its hard to take pictures and appreciate the view during night time. Maybe next time, I will list also the night out venues just to complete the 12 hours tour project

You can follow the itinerary list and map OR you can use this as your reference for your own tour.

Just take note: research first, then map it, make itinerary, plan, set budget and travel safely.

- Azrael Coladilla
12 Hours Tour Project founder
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