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Friday, April 01, 2016

Full details of Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival this April 2 and 3


Starbucks Philippines noticed my blog post promotion of their Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival and they sent over the full details of their event. Thanks so much!

I found their short info form their Facebook page, and decided to help in promoting the event and tap the coffee lovers to check out their event this coming April 2 and 3 at the Grand Atrium, Main Wing of Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City.

There are three section at the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival.
1. The World Of Coffee
2. Brewing Demonstrations
3. Coffee Art Exhibit

Number 1 and 2 is similar to the one we learned from the Starbucks College last month, also on that day, we learned on how to operate their espresso machine and do some coffee art. I think the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival is a version of Starbucks College to cater the public to learn, understand and appreciate more the history and taste of coffee.

The event is FREE for all, so make sure you add more time to your visit so that you can maximized the time of your stay to get to enjoy the Starbucks event.

“We will be equipping participants with the right coffee knowledge and this requires going back in time and understanding the storied origins of coffee. We will also give coffee enthusiasts a peak into the regions where coffee beans grow best, what type of beans are cultivated in different origin countries and how the geographical conditions of these places affect the quality and flavor of the coffee bean,”
- Keith Cole, head of marketing for Rustan Coffee Corporation (Starbucks Philippines).


They sent a floor map and here you can see 4 sections
1. Coffee brewing
2. Starbucks Reserve
3. History of the bean
4. Coffee Art.

Starbucks Philippine mentioned that if one of the festival guest complete the World of Coffee Tour and the Brewing Demonstrations, the lucky 500 participants of "Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival" that can complete the journey ( visit all booths) will get to take home an EXCLUSIVE STARBUCKS COFFEE EXPLORER KIT.

zomg!!! what's that? will they include a pourer kit or coffee press!
Lace!!! let's attend the Sunday event pls!!

Media Invite_FINAL

Here are the highlights of Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival
1. Participants will be treated to brewing demonstrations
2. Coffee tasting activities for festival guest
3. Starbucks Global Coffee Master will demonstrate how to smell, slurp and locate the flavors on the tongue and describe the coffee characteristic and taste
4. Get to learn how to brew coffee properly
5. Learn how to use a coffee press
6. Learn how to do the pour-over method for your coffee

Starbucks Global Coffee Master

“The pour over is a great solution for producing a flawless cup of coffee every time as it allows you to control the flow of water and ultimately the depth of coffee flavor. While the coffee press is one of the simplest ways to brew coffee, it releases more of the coffee’s natural oils into your cup instead of into a paper filter, which means more flavor.

“Filipinos are learning to appreciate the diverse world of coffee. Our goal in staging our very first Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival is to help coffee enthusiasts better appreciate the story and the art that goes into every cup, from the bean to the region where the coffee bean grew to the brewing process to the preparation of the beverage. So much goes into one cup of Starbucks coffee and we know that with appreciation, the beverage itself tastes better as the coffee drinker is better able to appreciate coffee as more than just a beverage,”

- Keith Cole, head of marketing for Rustan Coffee Corporation (Starbucks Philippines).

Just sharing some of our photos from Starbucks College.


Graduates of Starbucks College


Our mug of the day


Learning the history of Starbucks and the coffee beans


Taste and smell test of different coffee beans


They taught me how to use the coffee press method


Perfected…in one try


I tried the coffee art….its not easy
You need the proper skills to use the machine and also do some art

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