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Thursday, April 21, 2016 launches health care packages for OFW


iRegalo is an online shopping site or ecommerce site that is popular for offering and selling flowers with delivery, they also sell items like gadgets and personal items as gift to your loved ones, and they also have groceries as a gift for birthdays or fiesta, yes they can shop groceries for you and send it to your loved ones.

Mostly the target for this service is our OFW, iRegalo can help them do the gift giving with a click of a button, iRegalo will do the rest and make sure that their hard earned money will be handled by a legit e-commerce site and make sure that all items are authentic and not fake. For us here in the PH can also take advantage of this service, we can buy it for ourselves or for our loved ones at home.

Usually, the family member who patiently shop for their own gift as instructed by their OFW family member. This time with iRegalo they will just normally wait at home for the delivery of the product, there will be no hassle and worries for the family member and OFW, because iRegalo is secured against cyber hacks and they accepts secure payment options like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, UnionPay, and Discover Network.

This year, iRegalo added a new offering in their website --- they now offer HEALTH CARE PACKAGES
There are three kinds of Health Care Packages that you can purchase online at iRegalo that you can send it to your loved ones here in the PH.

1. Dental Care via 300 dental clinics nationwide (see list)
2. Eye Care via Sabateer Optical branches nationwide (see list)
3. Full check up via 350 clinics nationwide (see list)

iregalo 4

Now our OFW will no longer worry for their hard earned money, there will be no more incidents that their family in the PH will miss-use the money they sent, with iRegalo’s new service in offering Health Care Packages, will make sure that their family in the PH will get a schedule and pre-paid health care packages. No more hassle for both party, and this will be covered by iRegalo.


According to iRegalo, they will launch more health care packages in the future, not just limited to eye, dental and medical check up. Also they are planning to have HMO and insurance, these health management and pre-needs will soon be acquired in a click of a button with no hassle for appointments, meetings and no reason to say--- “I have no time and I don’t need this health care” (bec. sometimes, we pinoys are scared and lazy to be informed how important this to us)

iregalo 2

At iRegalo’s website, you can see the actual rates and price of each health care packages.

iregalo 3

Here’s a good example --- the premium eye care package is priced at PHP 6,390, this comes with an eye frame.

The eye care clinic will be handled by Sabateer Optical, one of the oldest optical professional and clinic here in the Philippines


iRegalo mentioned that their dental clinic partners are a total of 300+ around the PH


Same goes to their partners for full body check up


My photo last 2006, when I first visited an eye doctor, my mom accompanied me to visit an eye doctor when she was here in the PH, and thank goodness that I’ve learned so early that I have astigmatism. The eye doctor prescribed me to wear these glasses…but that was 2006-ago.

This year, I got a hold of an eye check up via iRegalo.
So I will visit a branch here in Cavite for them to check if I still have astigmatism…

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