Ahavia Lounge Spa opens at Maria Clara st. Q.C. - offers the best 2hrs massage!


My body is beaten and stressed after 2 days of going under the sun and under the sea. Our beach trip in Nasugbu, Batangas left me some sunburns, and fun times with my family, oh I forgot, it also left me that painful sprain on my leg and also body sores after snorkeling all day.

I'm glad that I got introduced to try the Ahavia Signature Massage, its a 2 hour massage here at Ahavia Lounge Spa in Q.C. Its a new branch of the Ahavia Lounge Spa, a franchise kind, but it differs itself from the mother branch and other franchise branch, because this newly opened spa at Maria Clara st. Q.C. shows modern style interiors and facility, luxurious setting and homey atmosphere. If you are a fan of everything Instagramish, then I suggest you check them out.

Good to hear that their therapist are certified with the NC2 by TESDA,  customers wont be worried because their body will be in good hands with certified therapist who undergo training and with certification.


Ahavia Lounge Spa
#55 Maria Clara St. Quezon City
Tel # (02) 244 4350
opens 1pm-1am

So why did I travel from Cavite to QC just to experience a 2 hour massage? my reason is that my body need to relax and need to recover, and the price range of the 2 hour massage is just PHP 698. And its my first time to try the 2 hour massage, that's why I chose to go here and instead of the nearest spa center right across the mall.

Also I want to try their service and how good it is.
My review and recommendation are posted below this blog post.


Here are the rates.

For me, the price range of massage services are OK.
Not too pricey and with a reasonable price. Where will you get a 2 hour massage for a PHP 698. In other spa centers, that's almost around 3k for a total of 2hour massage plus use of their facility.

Read below for more

Anti-Stress Thermal Massage
Enjoy the heat in oil as it brings comfort and helps sleep quality and calms nerves. Improves the softness and smoothness of the skin. P899 (90 min w/ sauna) P799 (60 min w/ sauna) P599 (60 min)

Ahavia Signature Massage
A very unique approach to traditional massage with the use of long strokes by hand, knuckles and forearm, we combined a lot of stretching into the sequence. P698 (120min w sauna)

Custom Comfort
Specify if you want to concentrate on a problem area where you need special attention! Create a sequence that best fits you. P449 (60min) P669 (90min) P899 (120min)

Oriental Ritual
This is done by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. P349 (60min) P523 (90min) P698 (120min)

Asian Fusion
Inspired by popular traditional Asian massages fused into a seamless wave of healing touch.Great for relief of tension. Lavender oil is used for calming & relaxing the mind. P699 (90min) P929 (120min)

Western Blend
Carefully blending 2 different methods of gliding strokes and by realigning your meridian points, you will get the best of both worlds. P349 (60min) P523 (90min) P698 (120min)

Point Pressure
The technique used in this massage is more on applying pressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, and knees to pressure points on the body. P349 (60min) P523 (90min) P698 (120min)

Below are price list of other services.

DSC_0048 DSC_0049DSC_0050 DSC_0051DSC_0052 DSC_0053DSC_0054 DSC_0055DSC_0056 DSC_0057DSC_0058 DSC_0059DSC_0060 DSC_0061DSC_0062 DSC_0063DSC_0064 DSC_0065DSC_0067 DSC_0066DSC_0069 DSC_0068

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Before I get my spa session, I joined a short tour around Ahavia Lounge Spa.
I posted some photos here in my blog for a virtual walk through

Ahavia Lounge Spa in Maria Clara st. Q.C. is not occupying a small apartment, studio type or a room. Their branch occupies a 2 story building with parking lot and open air event center.

First floor has 3 big spa rooms for VIP, couples and separate common spa rooms for male and female. There's also a separate bathroom and sauna for both gender and also a nice waiting area.

At the 2nd floor there are 2 VIP room that can be used by couples or a group or family, complete with lounge area for kids.


Foot and hand massage area


The common room  with curtain divider


VIP room


Lounge area for kids at the VIP room


Sauna room
Customers who avail the PHP500++ range spa service are entitled to use the sauna room
Shower rooms are available to customers who avail any kind of spa service.


Scrub with scents


Lavender is always the fave scent.


Ahavia Lounge Spa also organizes special events and dinner set up for customers. This coming Valentines Day, they invite couples to have a relaxing spa session and also a dinner date at the Ahavia Lounge Spa event center.

Just head over to Ahavia Lounge Spa Maria Clara st. Q.C. FB page to know more details


Visit their post here to know the rates


Here's what I look like before I get the 2 hour Ahavia Signature Massage. I am so ready and excited to try it.

I also learned that the Ahavia Signature Massage therapist are male. I was expecting to have a female therapist, but they told me that male therapist are the most recommended therapist for their Ahavia Signature Massage. They have customers who are athletes who prefer male therapist for their spa massage, because male therapist pressure is hard and its good to treat stressed muscles and  body pain.

I dont have a photo inside the common male room, because its too dark inside and I dont have someone to take a photo for me. So I used one of my stock images and posted here for some reference.

I plan to visit Ahavia this month, I will change this photo after my 2nd visit.


After a relaxing 2 hour massage, they offered me a black tea to help me hydrate myself after the 2 hours rub, bend, stretch and strokes. Ahhh perfect!  Take note, ask them first if you want no sugar, no honey in your tea. Because they gave me a sweet kind of tea and I was not ready for it hahaha. nagulat ako, but its a good tea!


My review:

Before trying the 2 hour spa, the male therapist did the 1st ritual by washing my foot with warm water and scented liquid soap. Then he escorted me to the male common room with curtain dividers. He explained to me first the style of their Ahavia Signature massage, it combines a lot of long strokes, pressure, and some stretching. I took off my clothes and place it in a small locker under the massage table, then I signal the male therapist that I'm ready.

The 2 hour massage is no joke! and the male therapist who are certified to do it did a great job in removing all stress in my body and muscles. I was worried that my ticklish thigh might embarrass me, but I'm surprised that the male therapist didn't even tickle me LOL. I guess female therapist are ticklish to me because of their soft hands, but for the male therapist their hands got some hard pressure and hands are bigger to cover and reach the muscle area of my limbs.

It was a 1 hour massage lying down and then 1 hour massage while on bed rest. I expect that I might fell asleep during the massage session, but its hard to get a snooze because the Ahavia signature massage has a lot of arm, legs and body stretching.

After the 2 hour massage, I felt okay and energized. My one day recovery from our beach outing is complete. Muscle stress and pain are gone after the session, but when I went home, I felt some soreness in my body, I waited for 2 days to let my body heal at home, its normal to have that reaction because body stress and cold muscles were removed by a gentle force. Thanks to Ahavia Lounge Spa for rejuvenating me, I super recommend that you try their Ahavia signature massage.

Ahavia Lounge Spa have the ff:
✓ Parking space ✓ Bathroom
✓ Sauna room✓ VIP room ✓ Common room for male ✓ Common room for female ✓ WIFI 
✓ 4G signal is strong outside the spa
✓ refreshements
✓ Towels, flip flops, spa clothes✓ Shampoo and shower gel inside the shower room✓ Foot and hand spa room✓ Lounge for kids at the VIP room only✓ Comfy waiting area✓ Event center for special occasions ✓ Affordable spa rates