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Monday, February 13, 2017

WWF-Philippines and celeb ambassadors invites you to donate to keep their advocacy alive


Our friend who are working with WWF-Philippines for so many years told us overnight that they will be at Greenbelt 1 in one of their WWF-Philippines booth last January 31 for a  WWF-Philippine fund raising hour.

Their three celebrity ambassadors - Marc Nelson, Rovilson Fernandez and Iza Calsado will be there at the booth to invite shoppers of GB1 to get to know the environmental campaign of WWF-Philippines, learn about the schedule of Earth Hour 2017 and also donate to keep their advocacy alive and help them to continue their conservation and ecological-sustainability initiatives.

note to self: Earth Hour 2017 is on March 25, 2017 at 8:30pm


When you spotted a  WWF-Philippines booth in any mall, You will get to be invited by a staff to learn about their initiative and also invites you to voluntarily donate at least PHP500, after donating you get to own any of these exclusive items from WWF-Philippines

DSC_0014 DSC_0016DSC_0017 DSC_0018

If you donate PHP1,000 or more, you get to own more WWF-Philippines merchandise

DSC_0019 DSC_0020DSC_0021 DSC_0023

From t-shirts, keychains, stickers, cap and etc.
Also if you chose to donate via credit card, you will donate in a monthly basis that is good for the entire year, or you can choose to donate in one straight.

Donations are needed to help fund WWF-Philippines in:
- Supporting conservation projects in key sites across the Philippines.
-  Promoting clean sources of renewable energy through extensive climate campaigns such as Switch and Earth Hour – now the largest and most-well received environmental act in in human history.
- Preparing seaborne communities to face worsening climate change impacts.
- Educating and empowering the Filipino youth via vigorous environmental education drives.

If you want to know more and want to donate
head over to

Donor Hotline: (02) 920 - 7923
Donor Email:


Here are some info about WWF-Philippines
pls allow  me to copy paste-all

The World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF is Earth’s largest and most experienced conservation organization, operating in over 100 countries through the support of over five million people worldwide.

WWF-Philippines was founded in 1997 and spearheads practical solutions to help the country adapt to climate change, secure food sources to alleviate poverty, conserve local ecosystems to preserve natural benefits, empower communities to live low-impact lives and promote renewable sources of clean energy

Pinoys are among the world’s most  vulnerable people to climate change.
With an average of 20 typhoons hitting the country yearly, thousands of people might lose their lives, homes and livelihoods unless we learn to mitigate and adapt to changing weather patterns.
WWF's climate and energy vision is a response both to scientific recommendations plus economic and political realities.

Today, we help Pinoy families, communities and cities adapt to climate change by strengthening their resilience to storms and floods, while promoting a shift to clean and renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and geothermal power

While we live in relative comfort, many Pinoys will go to bed hungry. By 2050, the world will have two billion more people to feed. However, we are currently using more resources that more than one and a half planet Earths can provide – meaning we are operating at an ecological deficit.

Unfortunately, unsustainable farming and fishing, pollution, plus climate change are reducing our ability to produce food.     Failure to safeguard our natural resources will have disastrous implications for global food security.

WWF now develops and spearheads science and community-led solutions like smart agriculture plus sustainable fisheries to help Filipinos produce more food with less resources.

From giant whale sharks to ever-elusive tamaraw, WWF works to conserve the country's rarest and most endangered species. However, the Earth is still losing about 200 species daily. The loss of iconic species is tantamount to the destruction of some of the planet’s most productive habitats.

Through your help and the vital support of our partners, we shall ensure the survival of native species while keeping our land and seascapes healthy and productive.

We do this not merely for conservation's sake – but to make people's lives and    livelihoods better.

Did you know that it takes about 5000 liters of water to produce a kilogram of rice? The rising human population plus increasing income levels are leading to a higher demand for water-intensive products. This is driving the over-extraction of   freshwater. Unsustainable human activities continue to pollute freshwater ecosystems.

Rivers have gone dry, freshwater sources have become polluted and freshwater species are disappearing. WWF works with governments and businesses to manage natural watersheds and improve the way freshwater is collected, helping secure drinking water for all Pinoys. After all – no water, no life.

The work WWF does goes beyond science, beyond policy and beyond traditional conservation. Our solutions are positively transforming the lives of all Filipinos – especially farmers,     fisherfolk, field rangers, indigenous people and other sectors of Philippine society which rely most on nature for food and livelihoods. Here are some stories of the people we helped. Save the environment and transform lives by supporting WWF today!

Pasquin, Illocos Norte
Northern Sierra Madre Mountain Range Teresa, Rizal Ipo Watershed, Bulacan Hamilo Coast, Batangas Lagonoy Gulf, Bicol Region Donsol, Sorsogon Masbate Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro Apo Reef and Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro Mts. Iglit-Baco Mountain Range Palawan Tubbataha Reefs and Cagayancillo, Palawan Samal Island and Davao Gulf Tawi-Tawi

Laoag City Baguio City Dagupan City Santiago City Angeles City Batangas City Naga City Tacloban City Iloilo City Cebu City Negros Occidental Puerto Princesa City Butuan City Cagayan de Oro City Davao City Zamboanga City General Santos City


If you are a fan of these celebrities, then check out the schedule of any fund raising hour events by WWF-Philippines posted at their FB page -

The celeb ambassadors will be there to do the talking and sharing for WWF-Philippines and its up to you if you want to donate or just want to learn about their advoacy and initiative and also help them spread the word about the importance of nature conservation.


in Greenbelt 1, visit the WWF Philippines booth infront of WATSON and PUMA stores

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