QBE Foundation and Efren Penaflorida’s Ecodemya school opened in Amadeo, Cavite


I’ve encountered QBE last year when they launched a partnership with Efren Penaflorida Jr., our CNN Hero and founder of DTC (Dynamic Teen Company). The support for DTC is part of QBE’s CSR project that they want to focus on through a long term collaboration and relationship. After a year of their collaboration, they now officially opened Ecodemya school, the 1st building for Senior High School or Grade 11, students who are under DTC’s free schooling program in Cavite City.

We learned few years back that Efren Penafloria was known for his advocacy of giving free education to street kids, homeless kids and orphans, he use a makeshift wooden push cart as his instrument for the push and go mobile school. He roams around in Cavite City to provide free education to kids who can’t afford to go do school.

After the CNN Hero award, Efren opened the first school in Cavite operated under his company DTC, then he expanded the advocacy also in Cebu City with the same program of DTC’s mission in giving free education to the less fortunate kids.

I also learned that Efren Penaflorida was nominated again for the CNN Hero of the Decade last December 2016, He didn’t bagged the prize, because of fewer votes online. Maybe because Efren is so busy in running his DTC school, and also us pinoy are so busy for the Christmas holiday, but thats okay, the most important is that we have Kuya Ef continued his mission to give hope to kids who want proper education with paying for it.





 here are some info about the Ecodemya
Situated in Cavite, Efren Peñaflorida’s home town, Ecodemya’s classrooms and laboratories are designed to foster active learning in the liberal arts and academics. The vision of residential campus, with their common rooms, dining halls, and sky gardens, encourage the ambitious linkage of living and learning.

“It has been my ambition to help as many children as I can and change their lives for the better. Ecodemya is a step further for me and DTC in fulfilling this purpose, and we’re so lucky that we have partners like the QBE Foundation in making all these a success,”
- Efren Peñaflorida, DTC President. 


About QBE
QBE, Australia’s largest global insurer, through QBE Foundation, has been supporting DTC’s program since 2016. By funding the construction of EcoDemya, amongst other efforts that QBE Foundation supports, they believe that they are contributing to DTC’s endeavor to have more children rekindle their love for learning in a safe and conducive facility and environment.


“Ecodemya represents progress in Philippine education in its simplest form. We, at QBE Foundation, believe that everyone has a right to a bright future, and this is at the very essence of what Ecodemya is all about. We are able to provide education to those who can’t afford it, and lead them to opportunities for livelihood, employment and sustainability. More than anything, we are very proud to be part of this feat with DTC.” 
- Karen Batungbacal-De Venecia, Executive General Manager of QBE Group Shared Services Centre (GSSC).

If you know someone who want to go back to study, pls inform them that application is now ongoing, just head over to Amadeo National High School, Pangil National High School and Banay-banay National High School.

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