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Friday, April 29, 2016

Taste the Magnum Infinity two new flavors, plus attend an event for pleasure seekers this May 14th


Magnum ice cream bar launches a much more different and much more pleasurable version of their product—the Magnum Infinity – it’s an ice cream bar with double chocolate indulgence to bring an intense chocolate pleasure that stays with you longer. If you are in search for a food that can give you a heavenly lift, then you should try the Magnum Infinity’s two variant flavors.

We’re lucky that we got invited to check out the two flavors and at first I thought it will be another flavor for their Magnum café, but then I was spoiled by Magnum’s Facebook sponsored post when they revealed their new two products that are now available in all stores and supermarkets nationwide.
Product Shot
The Magnum Infinity’s two flavors are
1. Chocolate and Raspberry
2. Chocolate and Caramel

They are different from the Magnum Classic that we usually buy from local stores, this Magnum Infinity just doubled the chocolate content to give a rich and intense chocolate flavor that can last longer in your mouth and taste buds. Its not just an ordinary chocolate, Magnum Infinity mixed their ice cream bar with a special and rare Tanzanian cocoa and a Belgian chocolate to give a much richer chocolate kick.


Magnum Infinity Chocolate and Raspberry is made with raspberry swirl. Experienced a much fruity flavor after taste in every bite, it gives a refreshing feeling after the end of the ice cream bar. Perfect to enjoy it this summer.


Magnum Infinity Chocolate and Caramel is made with silky chocolate ice cream and caramel with sea salt. Don’t worry its not to sweet as you expected because of the caramel, Im glad that the sea salt did a nice trick to make it more good and tasty.

At the Magnum café, I love my Magnum laced with sea salt and some cheese. I just realized after the taste test that the Chocolate and Caramel is my favorite.


Here’s my taste test moment.


The chocolate and raspberry


Inside the chocolate and raspberry


The chocolate and caramel


Inside the ice cream bar of chocolate and caramel flavor.
I thought that there will be lots of caramel oozing inside, Im glad its just a swirl. You’ll taste the sea salt after each bite, this will help you to enjoy more the chocolate ice cream bar


During the launch, Magnum invited Chef Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery to curate some dishes mixed with chocolates.

This made me realized that chocolates can go unsweetened when mixed on a kind of food that is prepared by a skilled chef.

Here are some set of food they served to us first before munching a Magnum Infinity bar


Cauliflower flan with sea urchin meat topped with dark chocolate powder


This one is very weird but more tasty, Chef Jordy Navarra is a master chef when it comes to preparing wagyu beef.

This is a Wagyu beef with squid ink and chocolate sauce, added with desiccated coconuts.

The chocolate experience was just a starter, but what if they offered more?
I was hungry for more and I just learned that Magnum Infinity will start to open a grand launching event for their two products.

It wont be an easy as you go to a store and grab an invite, but to make an exciting launch, they invite all pleasure seekers to log on to this May 6, 2016 and join the scavenger hunt to find the Infinity bar that will reveal the secret locations and also get an invite pass to their super grand launch on May 14, 2016.

I have no clue on where it will be, but they told me that us press and bloggers who are present at the launch are automatically invited, so I invite you too to join the hunt and I hope to see you there.

First 200 people to arrive on May 14th at the secret location of the event will be able to INDULGE in the new Magnum Infinity interactive installations. I think they will put up an eat all you can Magnum inside hahaha,, plus Jordy Navarra’s dishes… I just wish Chef Jordy is booked too for that event.


I just learned that Magnum captured me in their Instagram post… nice one!! thanks
Also, featured as one of their new celebrity influencers --- Magnum Infinity’s new TVC includes Sarah Lahbati and…..


Jess Connelly…also included are Magnum’s main stay influencers like Raymond Gutierrez and Georgina Wilson

I think they will be there too at the launch party this May 14th


Get to know more about Magnum Infinity by visiting their FB pages and website
Twitter @Magnum_PH
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