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Monday, May 16, 2016

Hiring hackers for Govt agency is not a good idea accdg to cyber security experts


Through IPV Network, they bring the world leader in cybersecurity, CyberInt, to the Philippines, and this is the right time after our nation’s database of voters were hacked and leaked through the global web, which is very disturbing and also can hurt the individual’s identity.
So my question was “Is it a good idea to hire hackers for our government, especially that two kids who were arrested for hacking the COMELEC website and database?” , a rep from CyberInt who was present at the press con, Mr. Elad Ben-Meir, VP for Marketing of CyberInt answered my inquiry.

He said that hackers just hack and raise awareness about the website’s vulnerability, some hackers just don’t do it for employment, but some pitch themselves to get hired, and some companies do hire them. But the question is, do you trust them? Hacking can happen as an inside job or just a breach, so hiring hackers for our government will raise more issues about trust for security. Its better to consult with the right people in a cyber security company to do the job for them, instead of hiring hackers, which is not a good idea.

So that answered my question, so plain and simple. I hope our nation can be lightened that we should trust cyber security companies with a convincing portfolio to handle the cyber job. This is recommended for corporations and big agencies, they should have proper awareness of the existence of these top of the line cyber security companies, and not rely on simple cyber security services that can be bought over the counter.

And yes, it happen, there are some big companies just purchase cyber security license in some malls, which is not recommended if you host a fragile and confidential database in your system.


So what CyberInt can do?
- CyberInt eliminates potential threats before they become crises.
- Their expertise in cyber intelligence and protection of online activities defends companies of all sizes and industries.
- Looking at your business from an attacker’s perspective, CyberInt thinks like hackers and understands how they behave.
- They enable a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be monitored and safeguarded.

Their methods are comprised mainly of the following:1. Threat intelligence: Real-time, actionable and targeted intelligence that allows you to stay a step ahead of online attackers.
2. Monitoring of online activity: Protection that goes beyond the perimeter, keeping your company’s assets safe from malware, phishing, unauthorized content and general brand abuse.
3. Automated red team activities: Orchestrated digital attacks on a company, designed to reveal the business’ cyber security weak points for improvement and fortification.


IPV Network CEO, Miguel Ramos, first learned about CyberInt during a business trip to Tel Aviv, Israel, last 2015 where he met Amir Ofek, the CEO of CyberInt. With the growth of the Philippine economy and CyberInt’s targeted move into Western Europe and Asia, the company heads saw a vision of introducing world-class cyber security standards to the Philippines.

Amir Ofek states, "The Asia Pacific market, specifically the Philippines, is considered a strategic market for the entry of CyberInt. With the rise of cyber crime in the Philippines that leverages on the strong social media activity in the country, we see a great need for cyber protection beyond the perimeter of organizations based there. Implementing the right cyber risk strategy, we will ensure that organizations are vigilant when the next cyber attack arrives, and we will be proactive about their cybersecurity planning. Globe is at the forefront of this approach with CyberInt support working closely with Globe management to ensure they are one step ahead with their innovative cyber approach. We are also partnering with IPV Network to help promote cyber protection beyond the perimeter to other organizations across the Philippines.”

On May 3, 2016, CyberInt makes its official entry into the country as represented by IPV Network. During a press launch, Mr. Ramos stated that “We (IPV Network) are looking forward to partnering with Cyberint to help Philippine companies and organizations provide the highest level of cybersecurity for their operations. As the digital and analog world converges, the internet becomes a much bigger part of our everyday lives. This brings increased cyber risk to Philippine companies and their customers thus the demand for best in class solutions to protect the integrity of a companies operations and data”

CyberInt’s most immediate prospective clients would range from those in the financial industry, such as banks and accounting firms, to those in the gaming industry, ecommerce players and key utilities companies. Any company, however, with digital assets and sensitive information is prone to online attacks and must take both precautionary and preventive measures to keep itself safe. Through this partnership between IPV Network and CyberInt, Filipino companies will have the means to do so, with targeted intelligence, targeted services, and targeted protection that goes beyond the perimeter.

To know more about how IPV Network can help secure your business, visit
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