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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Madison 101 Hotel in Quezon City–my staycation story


I was introduced to this newly opened hotel in Quezon City and the invitation to me is to try a staycation, the invite was on a right timing because I have movie premiere scheduled for that day in Robinsons Magnolia and it was just 5-10 minutes away from the Hotel.

Madison 101 Hotel is something new and original when it comes to combining a hotel, dormitory, cafeteria and café all in one tower. They offer a lot that can cater to different kinds of guest, there’s the hotel with fully furnished room and 24 hours hotel room service, business travelers, backpackers and for people who just want to relax can enjoy a comfy space in the middle of the city.

For students they can also avail the dormitory rooms with full bunk bed set up with aircon, bathroom and TV, then for board exam reviewers then can also check schedules for sessions and also at the same time they have the option to book their dorm stay too.

Madison 101 Hotel is a 3 star grade hotel with modern set up of fixtures and minimalist style décor on their interiors, Madison 101 hotel offers a new hotel concept that is far more different from other hotel brands.

Incoming in a few months – a swimming pool and a sky deck for events and conferences.

Well, its something to talk about online – hotel, dorm and also the lowest rates that I have seen for a 3 star hotel.

Scroll down now and read my staycation story at Madison 101 Hotel.


From my home in Cavite, I travel via bus and the MRT going to the hotel, I just learned from Google Maps about the location of Madison 101 Hotel , and its just in the middle of J.Ruiz and Gilmore LRT 2 station. it’s a two MRT ride and Im glad that my travel is smooth and rush hour is not yet felt at around 1pm.

Before hand, I learned that Im scheduled for check in at 2PM and then check out the next day at 12NN


Upon reaching Gilmore LRT station, I checked my Google Map and I saw that it was just a 2 minute walk from the LRT station going to the hotel.

But its funny that I rode a PUJ because Im so lazy to walk (because I carry two heavy back packs)


I arrived at Madison 101 Hotel at around 2:20PM. Im late but that’s okay.
Im excited to try my stay here and start a mobile office inside my hotel room.


I approached the front desk because I received instructions from my hotel contact that my booking and hotel key card is ready for pick up. Im also surprised to see my photo from the LCD screen with a “welcome” message from the hotel.

The guy in white polo greeted me when I entered the hotel, then the hotel front desk girl told me to wait for my keycard at the lounge area, so I went there to take a sit and rest.

Then after some briefing from my hotel contact, I just learned that the guy in white polo is the hotel’s CEO.. omg..I shook his hand immediately and thank him for letting me stay at their hotel.


The lounge area or their community area looks neat and nice. Free WIFI is served, so surf your way unlimited.


A hotel staff guided me to my room and at the 8th floor, here’s what their elevator and hotel hallway looked like.


Nice lighting at the hotel hallway


Keycard is an RF card, just tap on the door handle with scanner and you’ll access your room right away.


And this is my room, the Single Bed priced at PHP 2,300 per night
Its so spacious and I like the colored grayish walls and carpet.
Its simple and cozy.

One family can fit here – father, mother and one child.


As part of Madison 101 Hotel’s service, they also have a surprise promo gimmick. Here I found a balloon with my name on it.

You can also request from the hotel if you need some romantic set up for you and your partner’s stay – like organizing a honeymoon set up and romantic dinner set up.

Just inquire at them before your booking and stay so that they can décor everything.
Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays and romantic retreat.


just checking this big mirror at the wall..
ganda! I super love a hotel with full wall size mirrors.


Look at my window --- a view of Broadway center and the LRT 2 railway.


There are no giant buildings in our area, you can see some low rise buildings, the residential areas and also the passing of cars and trains.

Its my first time to book a staycation in Quezon City and Im so hyped on looking at the window and see the LRT train and busy road of Aurora Blvd.

I didn’t even close the window during my stay at Madison 101 hotel, I just want to see the metropolitan life day and night.


Take a peek what’s inside my hotel room

Electric kettle and coffee cups + Nescafe
Ohhh I need this! Im a coffee addict!


Mini Ref
I placed my bottled water here and some chocolates haha


LCD TV with Cignal TV cable service.


Super cooler!
I just need to understand those airconditioner controls again


My view when looking at the window


My queen size bed.


Reality of life is out there…so Im just here observing


Here’s the bathroom --- where the magic is always happen hahah


5 points to Madison 101 Hotel for adding bidet!
to keep you refresh in every meeting! haha




Im so happy to see this rain effect shower. The hot and cold controls are easy to manage.


And now my traditional selfie inside the bathroom


After a short hibernation inside my hotel room, I went out to meet our hotel contact and also meet my blogger friends who are also booked in the hotel.


Let’s go down!
No need to use the keycard for controlling the elevator
(I think they should have a keycard scanner next time for privacy control of the elevators)


This photo reminds me of Professor X’s Cerebro room


At the hotel briefing.

I just learned that the hotel was constructed to be a condominium, but then the owners of the building changed its mind and they converted the building into a hotel tower that offers overnight stay, dormitory, review center and event center.


Madison 101 Hotel offers 7 kinds of room and 1 Presidential suite for their hotel guest.
Room rates start at PHP 2,300.

For the dormitory rooms, they are offering 200 beds. Some are 2 beds in one room, 4 beds in one room and 8 beds in one room. They told us that the dorm beds are now occupied and left them 40 more beds for new tenants


Rates for dorm starts at PHP 4,000 per person inclusive of free WIFI, free housekeeping, security, cctv cameras, no curfew, laundry service, cafeteria, water delivery, and parking space

Some scene at the Presidential suite hotel room tour
Me and Earth naka tambay lang sa kitchen area haha.

More photos soon in my hotel room blog post of Madison 101 Hotel.


After our hotel room tour, we went to the lower ground and we were introduced to this cute café called Qups Quarters Café.

Qups is read as “cups” hindi kups haha


The café is nice and its very Instagrammish
Dorm visitors can bring their friends and family here at the café or at the cafeteria located at the ground floor.


My blogger friends are so hyper in Instagraming my latte and oatmeal cookie!
hoy bilisan nyo at lalamig na yung latte ko!


My latte and my delicious oatmeal cookie


After that quick café snack. I went to my hotel room to enjoy a 1 hour full body massage.
Madison 101 Hotel also offers room service massage provided by Royal Spa. The spa staff did well for the massages, and I super gave her a PHP100 tip for giving me total relaxation.

After that full body massage, I dressed up and ready to go out to attend a movie premiere with Cebu Pacific’s Get Go and Union Bank in Robinsons Magnolia Cinema.


Logging out and then on my way to watch INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE movie!


No problems in commuting, there are lots of PUJ in the area, and traveling to Robinsons Magnoliia is just 5 minutes away.


My view of Robinsons Magnolia.
Hotel guest can also visit this – they can ride the PUJ or taxi

Ang laki ng mall na ito, I got lost inside and I can’t find the exit


Im back at the hotel room at around 11PM. It was a nice and exciting movie screening. I also met other friends at the cinema, they offered me a ride out of the city, but I told them Its okay, Im booked at Madison 101 Hotel..naks!!

So that’s my view..and also a new view of Manila at night time.


Here’s what I did before I go to bed.
Hydrate and drink more water.


Eat my late dinner on bed and watch Game of Thrones on HBO HD
Which is really a bad idea hahahaha. Some major characters die on that series and it made me felt so uneasy through out the night.


Here’s my dinner provided by the cafeteria
Masarap!! Beef asado and Chicken cordon bleu


After my late dinner and a disappointing viewing of Game of Thrones, I logged online and chat with my blogger friends and I learned that all of them are still awake.

So I got this idea to invite them to go out and check out the store outside the hotel.

But the result of our midnight get away is a visit to a nearby Andok’s Litson Manok haha.
So we bought some grub and brought it back to our hotel.

We agreed to eat together inside Enzo’s room! haaha.


After the midnight snack…I went to bed at 2AM.
Good night!


Then morning ---- waking up at the bad side of my bed.
I forgot to put down the window blinds….so I got blinded by that sun shine…I shut it down and went back to bed and sleep for 2 more hours.

Then I woke up, watched the news on TV and then I received a call from the front desk that my breakfast is on its way to my room.


Breakfast in bed!


I ordered an American Breakfast – with two sunny side up eggs, toasted bread, bacons and papaya fruit.


I sent a message to Ted and Enzo and told them to have a breakfast picnic in bed inside my hotel room.
hahahaha. so heto na sila, so kain kain kami and we did some planning also for our next agenda after check out.


uy may isa pa meal..kanino ito?
so kinain namin ito ni Ted..I think its for Enzo na napunta sa room ko

hahaha.sarap nung beef tapa!


So my good artist friend Ryan, messaged me and told me that he lives by near Broadway, actually sa office na sya natutulog hahah. I told him to invite me para makapag chikahan after years of forming our own family (former housemate ko kasi ito noon bata pa ko lol )


Because I have another agenda at around 1030am, I need to be out of the area at around 930am.
Gusto ko pa naman mag stay ng matagal, kaso we need check out na para di ma traffic going to Makati.

I took a nice hot shower and prep my things for my next event coverage. This is the life of a blogger.
Nakakapagod, pero buti may time to relax.


So we left the hotel at 10am – na late kami – kasi late na ko maligo haha.
And here’s my view inside Ted’s car.


So what can I say about the hotel?
For me it’s a good choice of hotel if you have personal business around the vicinity of QC, or if ever you want to relax and want to be away for awhile, you can try stay here and recharge yourself. I lived outside the metro, so for me, the hotel stay at Madison 101 Hotel is very helpful, because I no longer need to travel back in forth if ever I have functions at Robinsons Magnolia or at a nearby area.

The hotel is so busy, because they have lots of tenants for their dorm, hotel guest and also students at their review center. Even if they are so busy, they are so proactive in terms of customer service and assistance. I love the food provided by their cafeteria and also placing a new gem at the lower grand (for us freelancers and bloggers, cafes are a gem)

If ever I have another business engagement in QC, I will definitely go back here for another stay

ADDRESS: At the corner of Aurora Blvd. and Madison St., New Manila, Quezon City.
TELEPHONE: 02 723 1111
MOBILE: 09356863727

GOOGLE MAP:,121.0292283,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3397b62d6dbb8f9d:0x8d483fff3265a04a!8m2!3d14.61275!4d121.031417?hl=en
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