Sennheisser Sound Forum at Egghead Audiohub in Shangri La Plaza Mall Eastwing–a must visit for audio geeks


Audiophiles or audio geeks should check out the listening room at Egghead Audiohub in Eastwing of Shangri La Plaza Mall. The store now features the new Sennheiser audio headphones with high tech noise cancelling system. and they are allowing you to use it inside the listening room for FREE!

Egghead Audiohub store is a one of a kind audio concept store specialized in audio and home theater systems. They provide a wide selection of audio products and that includes Sennheiser, and they allow you to use and try first the product before you buy them. If you wish to experience audio nirvana, then we suggest you visit the store and request for a listening room session. No need to purchase anything, just go and enjoy!

For the product that was featured, it was the Sennheiser high end set of headphones. The Sennheiser regional team organized a Sennheiser Sound Forum, it’s a way for them to share information about the technology built in their new set of headphones, and also the media will got to try the new headphones and experience it by listening to different music with different recording qualities. At the forum they introduced the Momentum Wireless with NoiseGard Hybrid active noise cancellation, plus new high end headphones that are really a must have for audio fanatics.


Inside the listening room of Egghead Audiohub.

On set are the Sennheiser headphones


Our panoramic photo during the listening session. I was with the EATgetaway team, Jing Garcia and a rep from Sennheiser regional office.

This photo captures our one last session ---- a whole playback of Eagle’s Hotel California. All headset are powered by Sennheiser HDVD 800 and Balance Cable for better sound and enhanced quality.

OMG!! Our minds were blown away and we are glued to the audio parallel universe for around 2 hours.

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Its my first time to experienced a listening party with Sennheiser, they also admit that this is their first time in Asia to have an interactive sound forum with the media and audio geeks.

Sennheiser regional team visits our country every month to monitor and watch the market and also bring cool Sennheiser audio headsets in stores. Also the listening room is a part of their itinerary, they invite everyone to come and try their products --- no need to buy or purchase, if you are curious about the high tech audio system of Sennheiser’s headphones then you should drop by and listen a music.

In my next visit, I might try to bring a beer and enjoy the flow of music to my ears for an orgasmic kick.

Here are the headsets that we tried, they are super expensive, but now I realized that the tech inside are over the edge in audio technology. Once you tried it…it will haunt you forever.

hd 800

HD 800
SRP PHP 66,990
hd 800s

HD 800S
SRP PHP 92,990

hd 650

HD 650
PHP 23,990


HD 630VB
PHP 28,990

momentum on ear

Momentum On Ear
PHP 20,990

momentum over ear
Momentum Over Ear
PHP 24,990


Balance Cable
SRP PHP 19,000


HDVD 800
SRP PHP 155,990

If you plan to visit them for a listening session
just contact them via:
Tel: 632-5323966 / 632-6310431

More photos from the Sennheiser Sound Forum