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Monday, August 08, 2016

SMART unboxes new digital services for PH + launch of SMART android smartphone kit


Its my first time ever to attend a SMART unbox event, I think this is their first event that is branded “unbox”, a way of introducing new features, offers and technologies created by SMART to power up our digital lives. There are lots of features, promos and new tech surfacing every month and its hard to track which are the best for you and which are beneficial for your digital lifestyle.

The SMART unboxing event is a very interesting event, because the announcement that was delivered send some hope for us pinoys who are in search for better internet connectivity.


July 2016 was the fresh start for SMART as a telco company, after changing their logos and face, the re-branding is a signal that change is really here!


After entering the venue, I saw a sign at the front door that says “happy birthday MVP” we were surprised to see that sign and some say that it was the SMART CEO’s birthday on that day, I just told them that maybe there’s a guy named MVP who is celebrating his birthday at the next conference room.

But the hush and signs, were true after I read some post on FB about it. It was a birthday week for MVP.
Btw, that’s MVP on stage delivering the 1st keynote for SMART unbox.

His message – “Smart has built a legacy of bringing mobile innovations into the life of all Filipinos, and with the digital wave upon us, we have come up with innovative products and services to bring the real-life benefits of connectivity to as many Filipinos as possible,”


After MVP’s keynote, SMART has finally unboxed something that are so exciting.
So to know more, I’ve listed here the new digital services offered by SMART

1. SMART android smartphone kit - its a budget smartphone unit with a price tag of PHP 1,288. Its the cheapest price and form of a smartphone unit that can cater the low earning individual. Its a starter kti as you may say, but the price is small but you'll notice that the unit is packed with lots of power. SMART uses a Starmobile Play Click smartphone that runs on an Android 5.1 Lollipop, Quad Core processor with 4GB ROM, 512MB RAM, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera. The most awesome part here is that it uses a special sim that offers 100MB/month for FREE for 12months, plus it sends PHP 30 rebates in every successful reload of PHP100, this promo runs only for 12 months.

2. Smart Bro Pocket Wifi - a new and upgraded version of their pocket wifi was introduced with a special price of PHP 888. Mobile surfers can now connect their multiple gadgets or share data via the use of the new Smart Bro Pocket Wifi.

3. Super Speed LTE SIM - Smart also announced their high speed LTE sim. AFter the announcement they also introduced that promo Giga Surf 50 - the biggest data offer with 1 GB data for surfing and usage of apps, plus you can get also a free 300 MB for Youtube and Iflix. The good part is that it is only priced at PHP 50 and it will be active for 3 days only after activation.

4. With the announcement of their Giga Surf 50, SMART also shared to us that they launched a billboard sign in Guadalupe announcing that people who got stuck in traffic can enjoy a FREE high speed internet via applying the promo on the spot. Lucky motorist and commuters got a first taste of SMART's high speed connection. I just hope that they do it again!!! Lalo na pag Friday.

5. @SMARTCares - SMART teamed up with Twitter to enhance and upgrade their customer service relationship via Twitter inquiries. It will bring a much more faster response from SMART CSR and a customer get a reply in real time.

6. Marty the Smarty - SMART launches Marty, your on the go Tech guy. People can tweet him at @martysmarty for any tech questions and tipcs. This is good if you want to know more about the internet service of SMART.

7. MYSmart app - Now having an upgraded version, people can now manage their SMART account 24/7. All you have to do is install the app from Google Play Store or at ITunes.

8. "Own it" campaign - SMART made a teary eye TVC that encourages everyone to be themself and go forward with their passion. The TVC can be viewed below

9. SMART Launchpad - If you want to be the next Youtube sensation, then you now have a chance to be one by visiting SMART Launchpad booth (see SMART announcement for details) selected participant will be sent to L.A. to have a lifetime experience collab project with their Youtube stars.

10. SMART Music Live! - Smart partnered with MCA Music for a series of music events. Also watch out for SMART's presence at "In the mix event" featuring Third Eye Blind , Panic! at the disco, James Bay, Elle King, Twin Pines this coming August 18th, then Shawn Mendes this Oct 2016. Also we spotted that they have a presences also with the recently concluded Selena Gomez concert.

11. Smart Life App - Its a new app designed for everyone's use if you are using SMART sim, you can enjoy perks and FREE movies, music, games access with the use of this app. The app will also host a series of web shows from D5 Studio, sports coverage for FIBA and the upcoming Olympics 2016.


Wow!! information overload already at my side hahaha
Thanks and congrats SMART for bringing this new service to us pinoys.


Here’s the SMART android smartphone kit
SRP PHP 1,288

it contains 2 kinds of SIM
- SMART special SIM for this phone only
- Talk N Text SIM

The phone is a STARMOBILE Play Click


Android 5.1 Lollipop
Quad Core
4.5" display
512 MB RAM
5MP rear camera
2MP front camera
3G only
1650mah battery

You can buy one here at


After entering the SMART unbox event, I was surprised that they handed us a Free phone!
yes a free phone!!! best perk of the day.

The usherettes helped us in unboxing the unit and also activate the phone. I think they did that for us to experience right away the SMART Life app and the affordable Smart android smartphone kit.


Here’s the Smart Life app.
I suggest you install it when you have a SMART SIM powered phone. This app packs a lot of features – tons of freebies for music, movies games and also perks offerings.

13918845_10154495859584276_852465550_o (1)13940011_10154495859569276_1808217053_o

The SMART android smartphone kit is a Starmobile Play Click unit. The phone’s SRP outside SMART is around PHP 2,800++ but if you bought this version at SMART, you’ll take it home for a price of PHP 1,288 only then it comes with a special SIM that offers:
1. Free data of 100MB per month
2. PHP 30 rebates for every PHP100 reload
3. This offer is good for 1 year --- awesome freebies for a starter phone kit.

Take note that the special SIM is required to power up this phone. SIM SLOT 1 is for the Smart Prepaid SIM, then the SIM SLOT 2 is for TNT or other SMART sim.


I registered using my FB account


Perks are listed at SMART LIFE app.
You can grab a freebie by clicking the buttons and later on receive an e-coupon.
I clicked on a Jollibee freebie, but I didn’t received any coupon yet.
I don’t know what went wrong.


Enjoy free music!!!


Free games!!!


And free movies!

The best part here in using the Starmobile Play Click and the free movies at SMART Life app, is that the movies are displaying 3D-ish effects. Im not sure if the screen of the phone has a built in 3D screen display that doesn’t require you to wear any 3D glasses.

But I’ve noticed that all movie content at SMART LIFE app are designed to have 3D layering effect. This gave 3D-ish effects on the phone and it felts like that I’m watching a mini IMAX screen.

The movie also refreshes and change titles from time to time. If you spotted a good movie, I suggest you watch it right away before they remove it from the list.

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