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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Greenwich #UltimateBANDKada aftermath / Plethora band wins the band contest!


Its been ages since I've been into a rock music event, siguro dahil sa tumatanda na ko, parnag mas trip ko na lang yung mga relax ang setting, going to the beach, enjoy the view and listen to my playlist. Pero its still different in going to a music event, especially when there's rock music and band performance, the feel and vibe is much different.

Here in my blog post, I covered the grand finals of Greenwich Pizza's search for their Ultimate Band Kada of the year, its their 2nd year in organizing the band contest and they are so serious in shelling out more money to help and manage our local indie bands.

Here are the prizes at stake.

1st Place – P100,000 + management contract + recording contract
2nd Place – P60,000
3rd Place – P40,000

Grabe! the prize is awesome, Im sure that any local band who hunger for a recording contract will challenge themselves to join this contest.

Im very new to this Greenwich UltimateBandKada, I later found out that the challenge is that each competing bands for the grand finals will perform their own rendition of Greenwich Pizza's theme song for the band night.

Its a hard challenge, because the lyrics is not that so catchy or not too easy to memorize. At the event the bands did their best to perform the theme song of the pizza brand using their own version, there are bands did the reggae thing, rock music, some sounds like a Justin Bieber track, RnB style and just plain old pinoy rock.

The performance presentation of the 8 finalist only gave me 3 bands as the real hopefuls of the contest, I know they did their best, but sympre, we can't help but judge too while we watch the competition.

It was a crazy Saturday night, Im glad that the venue is located a peaceful city and away from the traffic of Manila.

Moving forward: The Plethora band wins the competition. My predictions were correct that they will bag the prize, because when I heard that they made a recorded song of After Image's "Tag araw", I just can't help but sing with their covered music. I like the mix, the version and the guitar riffs that is recognizable to Plethoras style and not entirely copying After Image's signature riff.

Im actually searching for Youtube or recorded track of that song, I hope Greenwich can upload it.

I did some search found the real music of Plethora, and the best part..they are from Cavite!

More Plethora music here at

The best!!! this is the pinoy rock music that I grew up with. Galeng!

The voice of the vocalist at the start of the song gave thumbs up already, I was at the front listening and waiting for more. Im surprised that my seat mate loved their performance.

I was still waiting if other bands can out match their version, but till the end of the 8th band, I never saw some other bands defeated my top choice.

Plethora bags the grand prize!! congratulations to you!!
I'm going to wait for more developments of your recording contract and also more pinoy rock songs production.

check them out on Facebook at


That's me --- so happy that Plethora won the contest! haahah
I just cant hide the feeling...naki ride na lang sa success nila!


Host of the event -- the lovely and hot Yassi Pressman
getting sexier and sexier....wooot!!!


My view at Valkyrie.
It was a perfect view to cover...naiwan ko lang sa bahay ko yung tripod ko


My BloggerKada!!


uy si Christian Melanie Lee naka dress that night ahahahh
high five to you sister!


and my cute seat mate si Julia Macaranas.
Great to see you again after that Hennessy event.


Here's the part when we the Juans band performed Chainsmoker's Closer


Up Dharma Down performed 3 songs that night.




Judges of the Band contest


Thyro and Yumi


BBoys band, winner from 2015 UltimateBandKada




Happy Ending












After the announcement of the grand winner

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