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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kapuso actor Miguel Tanfelix as the Celebrity Ambassador of U4U, its flagship program for Filipino teens


According to the Commission on Population (POPCOM) that our country is experiencing a massive number of unwanted teenage pregnancy, almost every day there are up 500 teenagers are giving birth. Its a bit alarming for the big number of increase due to lack of proper awareness to avoid early pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

POPCOM launched U4U, their program for the Filipino teens back in 2014, they said that they've reached almost 4 million teenagers for the campaign for deciding on them self for self control, being responsible and be aware of the situation if ever they become a young dad and mom at an early age.


To add more a wider reach to teenagers, POPCOM tapped GMA 7 teen actor Miguel Tanfelix as their celebrity ambassador for U4U.

Miguel will join U4U in a series of online campaigns, face to face meet up with the teens, to bring a message to all Filipino teens to help them understand and also be responsible citizen at an early age.

U4U is supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and partnered with Center for Health Solutions and Innovations Philippine, Inc (CHSI) . This coming Sept 17, Miguel and U4U will be at the Commonwealth High School for a U4U Teen Trail event.


for more info about U4U, visit: 

According to POPCOM, if kids are into drinking, smoking or drugging themselves, these vices leads to pre-maritel sex, unprotected sex, sexual diseases transmission and also early pregnancies, POPCOM campaigns not only for population control, but also reminding our younglings not to do these kind of vices.


Q and A with Miguel Tanfelix

Me: You will be using social media for the campaign, what are your plans and strategy for producing a content for the campaign? Will you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Miguel: I will use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post and deliver the campaign posters and infographics provided by U4U, to share our mission and vision. And also I will be sharing some personalize post, like showing to everyone what I do, what are my passion, with captions that can help inspire our Filipino teens to do their passion, which can remind them that there are lot of things to do and instead of doing the prohibited ones.

Me: Do you have some experience, like someone asked for your advise?

Miguel: Actually, none as of now, but since I started now as an ambassador for U4U, Im hoping that many teens will contact me and tap me for advise about their life as a teen. And Im very happy to share and talk to them in giving advise, because that's my duty as U4U ambassador.
Im willing and committed to help our Filipino teens to be responsible and be a good person.

Me: Before entering this ambassadorship with U4U, are you aware of what's going in related to teenage pregnancy and bad vices ?

Miguel: Yes, I am aware, we learn more about in local news, in social media, and Im glad that U4U got me on board because I can use my influential status online to help voice out U4U's message to our pinoy teens.

Me: What's the reaction of your parents after joining U4U?

My parents are happy. Because they know Im a responsible child that grew up under their care, They are happy because at an early age Im getting a title to be responsible, and I dont look at it as a title, its an image that I can show to teens and also be a good role model to them.

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