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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Lunch date at 22 Prime restaurant, Discovery Suites Hotel


My blogging is slowing down maybe because of my old age and also with this new laptop that Im using. I'm having a hard time using Windows Live Writer because it displays a much smaller font and photo arrangement, my style today is to blog it right away into's compose section.

Okay since Im back to blogging, I like to show you my lunch date with my wife Lace at 22 Prime, Discovery Suite Hotel in Ortigas. Its one of our fave place to eat our lunch and dinner, because of the romantic setting that offers to couples (but the restaurant is also good for business meetings).

Don't get the wrong impression about my cover photo above, me and my wife are not in a fight and we're asked to pick our knife to slash each other hahah. The set of knives above are for us to choose which is the best knife to cut our steak, some restaurant in Manila offer this but few of them do it and I can remember that 22 Prime restaurant is the one can offer your weapon of choice for your steak. Its funny that I chose the brown one, because it looks like our steak knife at home.


22 Prime restaurant is located at the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites Hotel in Ortigas. The hotel is just infront of The Podium Mall and its one of the best and convenient hotel ever if you want to get closer to the mall or business district of Ortigas.

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Here are the menu of 22 Prime
They also offer the cut of the month, a special set of meal for your hungry tummy

Lunch date photo op
(thanks to our friend Jane for the photo)


Before the main course, we were offered by 22 Prime's bread with three kinds of dip, as our starter.


Here's the weapon of choice for that lunch date. I chose the regular style knife because it makes me comfy and felt that Im at home.


Lobster Bisque
PHP 375

Im a fan of seafood soup or chowder, this is the closest version of my fave soup. I ordered this because I have tasted it before during a lunch and dinner here at 22 Prime.


Snake River Farms Wagyu Skirt Stew
with baked potato gratin
(cut of the month) PHP 1,400

I ordered their cut of the month, I dont know why they call it the "snake river farms", maybe the cut is like how they cut a snake steak hahaha.

The wagyu meat is cooked the perfect way and I loved eating it with my baked potato and rice.


Prime Caesar  Salad
PHP 360

Lace's salad.

Black Truffle Risotto
PHP 680

And her meal that lunch date, she loves the smell of the truffle oil so thats why she ordered this. I got tempted to take a bite, but Im glad that my wagyu steak arrived early so I got busy eating with it.


New Zealand Macadamia Supreme ice cream
PHP 220

For a sweet ending of our lunch date, I super enjoyed their macademia ice cream right after my meal. It gave me a satisfying comfort and waking myself up after consuming the meal on our table haha.


Its a funny lunch date for us. I didn't took a lot of photos that day because I was so busy video documenting the whole thing. Watch out for the full video at my Youtube Channel -

Visit 22 Prime at at the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites in Ortigas
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