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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

PICC, our national gem celebrate its 40th year


There was a tour at PICC last week and I wasn't able to attend due to a family duty, I questioned why would they tour at PICC, we just know that the PICC or the Philippine International Convention Center is just a venue for special events, summits, graduation and wedding. After a week of the tour, I have read some blog post about it and I'm surprised that the PICC is considered as our national gem, because its here for the entire 4 decades housing our national artist's artworks,  visited by very important individuals and was the chosen venue to host some big and historical events.

So after a week of the tour, I learned that PICC is celebrating its 40th year and here I am at the celebration party that was held last night and its funny that its the only chance that I get to appreciate what the PICC has offered to us. My last visit here is my FEU college graduation back in 2007, and the only mental state that I have is to leave the place right after the commencement exercise and eat a nice food as part of my graduation celebration.

I was here back in 2005 attending a Nokia event -- its funny that the venue was also a place for small events and music. But I learned that many concerts and musical performances was held here at the PICC.


September 5, 1976 was the formal inauguration of PICC, it is considered as the premiere event venue in South East Asia, the only and biggest venue that time. Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas is the one who constructed the events venue  and Im so happy that they took care and didn't abandon it.

Our National Artist for Architecture Leandro V. Locsin was responsible for the architectural aesthetics of PICC.


PICC most unforgettable moments:

1984 - St. Teresa's for the Rotary International
1995 - St. John Paul II at the Catholic Mass Media Awards
1992 - World Chess Olympiad
1994 - Miss Universe 1994
2006 - Manila FAME
2013 - Lea Salonga's Playlist concert
2012 - Asian Development Bank Board of Governors Meeting
2008 - UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at the Global Forum on Migration and Development


Each corners of PICC tells a story, I will tell more about it soon, as I get a copy of the notes about the artworks and names of people who made PICC a true gem in Asia.


I don't even know that PICC has a logo
Also there's that "P" sign logo located outside, I think its another PICC logo


These carpeted stairs are the same stairs that our St. Teresa and St. John Paull II walked during their visit here at the PICC.

If you are here at PICC, pls have a time to imagine how our Saints walked the stairs of PICC


This is the biggest Joya painting that I have ever seen.  I have seen some of Joya's painting at the National Museum but the painting here at PICC is much bigger.

I heard that Joya painted this on the spot here at the PICC.


I'm such a fan...can't help to have a photo with Joya's painting


More artworks are spotted at the 2nd floor.
Its my 1st time to visit the 2nd floor. Medyo spooky lang if you are alone hahaha.


Ang Mga Bisig
by Eduardo Castrillo

A metal craft showing the bayanihan of the Filipino people in a small town.


by National Artist Arturo Luz

Located at the PICC courtyard, the artist created this artwork on the spot during the early times of PICC


The yellowish light and bright led light of the fountain going to the courtyard of PICC


I just noticed this last night and this artworks was here years ago

The sculpture (hashtag thing) is done by National Artist Arturo Luz


Here's what you can see at PICC in a regular basis. During the 40th year anniv event, they exhibited the handwritten note of St. Teresa at the PICC guest book.

Its really an awesome piece, this is now considered as a holy relic.

St. Teresa was canonized as Saint by Pope Francis last September 4, 2016, a day before PICC turned 40 years old.


There are lots of rooms inside PICC.

I also saw a photo that there's this special room that was reserved only for the President of the Philippines, I wonder if they used it and who is the last President who used the room.

I hope I can get that photo soon.


Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas unveiled their future plans for the PICC. Here they showed a graphic plan for the upcoming new structure for PICC and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Museum.

The Museum will house the gold, coins and important artworks. I think they will just transfer the artifacts that is exhibited at the basement of BSP.


This 2017, they will start to build the PICC Trade Exhibit Hall. I think this is the PICC tent that will be converted into a building.

Great move BSP!


At the Reception Hall of PICC, its my first time to be here and I didnt know that they have a big room that is good for special events.

I saw some photos that some people book this hall for birthdays, weddings and special occasions.


Chicken Rillete in Rice Crust on Bed of Salad Greens with Pomelo
and Red Radish

Food that was served to us
All prepared by Via Mare restaurant.

Always the best restaurant caterer in the country!


Classic Roasted Tomato Soup


Grilled Salmon and Gribiche
Herbed Prawn Grilles
Slow-cooked US Angus Beef with Red Wine Reduction


Dark Choco sphere with strawberry cream cheesecake


Ballet Philippines opening performance


Amando Tetangco Jr.
Governor, BSP
Chairman, PICC Board of Directors

Mr. Amando revealed that night the future of plans of BSP for the PICC


Christian Bautista performance of ballad songs


PICC awards their top and valuable clients from the private sector, organizations and government agencies.

also PICC awards their long staying employees who worked with PICC for 38 years!


Denise Laurel singing performance of a Lea Salonga medley, that blew the audience away for a dramatic and mind blowing singing performance.

Galeng mo Denise!!!!


PICC awards Lea Salonga as the 1st ever PICC Gem awardee.  We learned that Lea Salonga was first seen here at PICC performing a song for a beauty contest and she was 9 years old that time, singing an "Annie" song.


Wow!! It was an awesome night with PICC. Im so hooked about the history and art attractions available inside this venue.

I hope I can join the next tour and blog all the amazing story of PICC


Thank you PICC!
you are really a true national gem

Congratulations and happy 40th birthday to you!

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