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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pinnacle Sources can help startups, SME and bloggers register their own business


Yesterday we met the founders of Pinnacle Sources, a business consulting firm based in Makati City, their company can help your start-up business and can guide you with the process of filing your business registration, do taxes filing and accounting. Pinnacle Sources started as a small firm back in 2013 but grew big after 3 years and now they service 150 companies that are operating around the globe.

Creating a business idea is just easy, your business concept can be the 1st to service the people but the only thing that start up creators encounter first are the  hassle and difficulty in registering their business and also understanding the flow of taxes. Each business owners should be aware and we know how hassle it is in filing everything just to open a business, legally.

Pinnacle Sources job is to help and assist you in doing the business registration, you won't feel any fear in opening your own company as sole proprietorship or corporation, because Pinnacle Sources will do everything while you are busy working in your clients. ( I think our PBNET group need this for our upcoming registration)

Pinnacle Sources offers:
Business Registration
Obtaining permits
Accounting services
Working Visa
Retirement Visa

and many more

They partner with St8, a real estate brokerage that offers office space leasing and property management. They can offer St8 service's for new business owners if ever they need office space. For PR, they have Comco Southeast Asia, which can help you get the word out in online and offline to let know that you are now "open"


At the meet with the founders of Pinnacle Sources, we saw our co-blogger friend and entrepreneur Fitz Villafuerte, as a guest speaker of the day, he shared some inspiring stories on how he started as a blogger and entrepreneur. He said that it took him many years to perfect the flow of profits and also creating more products so that he can sustain his own business as a writer, speaker and book author

Fitz mentioned that bloggers who are registered as a professional or as a business have an income advantage over those who are not. For me, that's true. Some companies are not so serious in dealing and working with bloggers who are not registered, there are times they ran away with the blogger's talent fee. The only way to avoid this is that a blogger should register as a professional or a business, so that company/brands will work with them seriously and pay them the right way.


Ms Christine Li, managing director of Pinnacle Sources said that she also encountered some problems when their company started small, some business firms who managed their accounting gone AWOL and this created lots of problem afterwards. But then, after re-managing everything, Pinnacle Sources went back to its feet with the help of her co-founders who are expert in accounting, and then they added the accounting services as one of their top offerings for SMEs and start ups.

One of the most valuable part for their company is that they practice confidentiality of the records and information of their client. There are incidents before that other local firms leak these records, but for Pinnacle Source, they guarantee that there will be no leakage and all submitted records are sealed for privacy.


To know more about Pinnacle Sources
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