Invitation: A night of comedy and mentalism with Kel Fabie's 10th year anniversary event at Strumms Jupiter!

This October 22, 2016 at 6pm in Strumm's Jupiter in Makati, there will be a night of comedy, mentalism and music! In line with this triple treat extravangaza, its the 10th anniversary of Kel Fabie's career as a professional mentalism (and a stage comedian), well where can you find a nice combo of mentalism and comedy performer here in the PH,  don't look around, just read the credentials posted above!

Im happy to promote, introduce and feature Kel Fabie's 10th anniversary event -- The Mentalist Kel Fabie "From Khan to 10", guest also at the night of mentalism and comedy are: Ars the Holy and the rock band Tanya Markova

Its a 3 hit combo for this Saturday!

Get your tickets at Ticketworld, just visit the website at or call 891-9999

ticket price: PHP 350 plus freebies of laughter, amazement and answers to all your prayers.

I've seen and witnessed Kel's journey during his early days of mentalism. Im so happy that he's still around doing what he loves. Congrats Kel!

btw here's an old video, from 7 years ago! ahhahah
featuring Kel Fabie and our blogger friend Cher Cabula
andun ako sa video, nasa gilid lang nanonood hahaha