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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sofitel Manila staycation experience after the Oktoberfest 2016 event


I've mentioned  in my previous blog post about the Oktoberfest 2016 celebration and our successful booking our hotel room at Sofitel Manila. Here's a blog post of the behind the scene and also our way to enjoy the awesome rooms and amenities of Sofitel Manila.

My last Sofitel Manila staycation was in 2013, and I can say that the hotel is much more better from the previous years. They've did some repairs and remodeled the swimming pool and I heard that they are now upgrading the look of their hotel room. I haven't seen the new ones yet, but I can say that our room is beautiful!


Four of us guys will stay here for an overnight. The Oktoberfest 2016 event will start at 6pm and it will end at 4am. In order to enjoy the event, we should do a sleep over here, to rest and also kill the hang over after the festival hahaha.

Jeman took this pic first, I was on the way and arrived at the hotel 2 hours after his check in.


Really awesome to say that Im going to have another staycation here at Sofitel Manila.
I didnt got a time to blog my experience before, but I promised myself to blog now every hotel visit that I do.


After I arrived, I did some photo shoot of the room and did some vlogging too.
Then I set up my little office near the TV, and did some video editing and blogging while waiting for the sunset.


A relaxing terrace view that leads you to view a 180 degrees of the hotel, Manila Bay and CCP


The housekeeping staff assembled the small bed near the window. I told the boys, okay guys dito ako matutulog sa maliit na bed


View of the swimming pool from above our room. Its always an inviting view. I was waiting for Jeman to strip down and jump into the pool hahahah. But we decided to swim next day after the festival.


Playing around the room while waiting or Enzo and John to arrive.
That's me dressing up as that wizard from Lord of the Rings.


OOTD! yes. minsan lang naman. so pag bigyan nyo na ko.
bored lang talaga ako


Here's my get up for the Oktoberfest 2016!


The next day --- basag! hahaha
I noticed that everyone are awake and I woke up so late and nearly miss our breakfast at Spiral.
I slept at around 2am because I got so busy finishing some vlogs.


Happy face, because we're back at Spiral (again)
to eat our breakfast and enjoy the kwento and review about our Oktoberfest 2016 experience.


Looks like Im done eating! hahahah
This SJCAM M20 wide shot captured me busy Instramming


As usual, Spiral is always a blockbuster every morning, lunch and dinner time.
But take note that the breakfast food here is different from lunch and dinner.


My #cutefoods design every breakfast meal
Sometimes I call it my happy meal.


I've tried this Chinese noodles with exploding melted cheese inside a fish ball.
Its one of those magical moments when you bite the fish ball and you feel the melted cheese oozes inside your mouth. It was like heaven haha.




Interiors and set up at Spiral


After our breakfast, I met my two friends here at Le Bar for a short meeting. Its great to see after 1 year from the last time we meet.


After the meeting, its swimming time!


Perfect sunshine and the not so hot and cold pool gave me a very relaxing vibe.


I also noticed that Sofitel Manila added some water park for kids. This is new and I havent seen this back in 2013. Good job Sofitel Manila!


I swam around the pool and I didn't noticed that the other side is 6 feet deep
ahhahaha! I swam near the corner and some thought that Im drowning. It was hard to shoot a video while swimming.


After the dip in the pool. Jeman told me to try jacuzzi and hot steam sauna at Sofitel Manila.  I told him that I haven't tried that yet, so I joined him inside the men's hot steam room and jacuzzi pool area inside Le Fit.  Great tip I got from Jeman, to try this whenever you are a guest in the hotel. Because this service is priced at PHP3,000 for non-guest and you are entitled to use the jacuzzi pool and sauna only.


Dressed up again and time to check out.
We're getting to read to cover another event.


Thanks Sofitel Manila for finding us a room! Now the next thing I need to do is pay Jeman for our staycation pitch-in hahhah.

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