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Monday, October 24, 2016

review and reaction: Doctor Strange IMAX 3D experience in SM Megamall (15 min preview!)


Tonight, it will be the press screening Doctor Strange movie at IMAX MOA. Im so excited for this and we will be 1st people to watch it here in the Philippines. The movie is scheduled to open this Oct 26th in all Philippine cinema.

My only suggestion is that you have to see this movie in IMAX 3D because according to actor Benedict Cumberbatch, at the opening message of the 15 min preview of Doctor Strange in IMAX 3D in SM Megamall, he said to us that in a video message that the entire movie is filmed and built for IMAX, so that you can have an awesome IMAX 3D experience and be a part of the magical journey of Doctor Strange through different realms and bend of space and time. They are doing this because it is "cool".

I agree with him, it was really a mind blowing experience and It gave me the geek tickles or what we can say as the Marvel tickle! an excitement and amazement of marvel that I have experienced when I first saw the movie  --- DAREDEVIL, IRON MAN, AVENGERS and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, no other Marvel films touched me so big time and when I saw the DOCTOR STRANGE in IMAX 3D ---its just a 15 minute preview compiling the best IMAX 3D scenes of the movie and it was like a roller coaster ride and I felt again that Marvel tickle!

Its fun!!! trippy, and visually orgasmic! The visuals of travel of Doctor Strange through realms gave me the goosebumps, even if we saw a part of it from ANT MAN and THOR movie, but here at DOCTOR STRANGE movie ---your life for Marvel will change!


Right after the 15 min screening few weeks ago, I was invited to be interviewed for the global campaign of IMAX, we talked about my reaction and review about the DOCTOR STRANGE IMAX experience.

too bad that my video got edited out and not included in the video ad of IMAX
you can watch the video here at


Also check out the life size statue of DOCTOR STRANGE.
This one is at SM MEGAMALL IMAX
Im not sure if we have one statue for the Philippines, but expect to see this in any IMAX Theater.
If you saw one....selfie na!


Here's some goodies from IMAX
get a chance to win some DOCTOR STRANGE keychain and Eye of Agamotto pendant!


Photo with Cher at the 15 min preview
My joke to her.... o ayan! basa basa na tayo ng Wikipedia after hahaha
Seriously, Im no expert of Doctor Strange comics, but I know some of his rivals and also background history.


Thanks for reading my blog, watch this movie at IMAX
and experience the world of our sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange

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