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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vietnamese food specials at Sofitel Manila's Spiral with Vietnamese chef (plus cooking class recipe!)


Few weeks ago, we experienced the healthiest food on our plate, its all veggies with citrus and some spices. Spiral Manila brought here Vietnamese Master Chef Le Minh Quang from Hotel Royal Hoi-An by the MGallery too cook and present his signature dishes for two weeks.

Chef Le Mingh also was invited to do a Vietnamese food cooking class and I got a chance to participate and see how they make those magical sauce for the spring roll and learn how to make my own Vietnamese pancake and also the yummiest Vietnamese food that I tasted - Braised red snapper fish in a claypot

Fresh spring roll with prawn and herb (3)

The Vietnamese food special was a short run, it was offered for a short period of time. We tried the first set of food right after Chef Le Minh arrival from the airport. He cooked so fast after he got familiarized with the cooking tools at the kitchen and also was helped by the inhouse chefs of Spiral Manila.

Photo above is the popular Vietnamese spring roll. This was offered at Spiral during the duration of the Vietnamese food specials.


Shrimp Mango salad
- Chef Le Minh served this to us and I thought its an ordinary appetizer meal, I later learned that its a spicy shrimp salad with green mangoes.

I learned that Chef Le Minh washed the green mangoes with sugar, so that it will display a sweeter kind and not the too soury green mango.


For me, my 2 thumbs up goes to this Braised red snapper fish on a clay pot. Chef Le Mihn strictly prepared this on a claypot He doesnt want to cook it on any stainless pan, but he said that it might affect the taste of the veggies and fish.

I learned at the cooking class that he boiled the boneless red snapper fish over a lay of onions, garlic and pepper. Then he added some water with oil of Anatto or Atsuete and cut pieces of big chili pepper fruit.

Slow cooking it on a claypot mix all flavors to bring a spicy and delicious punch to your taste buds.


At the cooking class Chef Le Minh taught us to cook, to slice and prepare these popular Vietnamese dishes:
1. Spring Roll
2. Shrimp Green Mango Salad
3. Braised Red Snapper on a Claypot
4. Vietnamese Pancake


The cooking class session is priced at PHP1,500. Sofitel Manila will give you a Spiral apron, be on the 1st row for the cooking class and experience a special lecture directly from the master chef


One of the food that I want to try at home is this Vietnamese pancake.

Chef Le Minh taught us how to make one, its very simple and easy to prepare.

He used a rice flour added battered with water. Then added some turmeric powder, add some green leaf of onions, then cook it like a pan cake on a hot pan with vegetable oil.

After cooking, place the pancake on a plate, add some steamed and sauteed shrimp, add basil leaves and roll it on a rice paper, then cut it into pieces.

Best served with that Vietnamese dip - same dip we use for the spring roll.


For the Vietnamese dip for the spring roll.
Its one of the most magical recipe and truly the tastiest dip ever.

If my memory is correct, it was just a juice from hand squeezed green lime, added with fish sauce, garlic, sugar and chopped chili pepper.

Chef said that one lime fruit is good for one dip for your Spring Roll.

Here are some behind the scenes during the cooking class

Wearing my Spiral apron


1st lesson, how to make your own Spring Roll
its so easy! hahaha.

I hope my wife will not read this, I wanna surprise her that I can make one spring roll entirely from scratch.


Here's my spring roll!


The best part of the cooking class is that you get to eat whatever food you prepare!


Thanks to Sofitel Manila!
Every time I visit you, its always a magnifique experience!

Sana mag stay na yung Vietnamese food sa Spiral haha!

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