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Friday, October 07, 2016

YouTube Kids app now available in the Philippines for FREE!


Parents pls read this!

YouTube Kids app is now available in the Philippines, this app is previously present in 14 countries and it was a long wait for us to have an official launch of YouTube Kids app for the Philippines. The YouTube Kids app is similar to the original YouTube app we have on our smartphones and tablets, the big difference here is that the YouTube Kids is designed and targeted for kids only. Meaning, the buttons and thumbnails of videos are bigger to give them a easier way to click and navigate the videos via the YouTube Kids app.

The best featured of YouTube Kids app is that all video content that are not kid-friendly are automatically filtered out, those videos that suitable for adults wont appear on this app, and the only video content that will be viewed by search or by recommendation of YouTube Kids are the videos that are kid-friendly and centered for family viewing.

YouTube Kids app can be downloaded via

Google Play Store :

Apple Itunes Store :

YouTube Kids app features are:
1. Kid-friendly cartoons and video channels are only accessible by kids
2. Family oriented shows are included
3. Vlogs that are kid-friendly can be searched
4. Toy unboxing videos are also included
5. Parental Controls and settings are available
6. Can set timer to control viewing duration
7. Unwanted videos and channels can be filtered out by the parents
8. Search options can be turn On or Off via parental control settings
9. BGM music for the app can be controlled  - on or off. -- yup the app has cute BGM
10.  YouTube Kids can be viewed full screen on any mobile devices and can stream wirelessly to any Smart TV via WIFI


Announcement for YouTube Kids availability for the Philippines was unveiled last October 4, 2016, we learned that the app will roll out the next day October 5, 2016.

Here's my first hand look of the YouTube Kids app.
The thumbnail screen on this smartphone is bigger.

There are some menu options for videos that your child can choose
- Recommended videos
- Shows
- Music
- Learning
- Explore

Each section displays some videos that are pre-selected by YouTube Kids


I tried searching for content and here's the result for videos under "Star Wars" keyword


My son loves to watch Transformers Rescuebots, so here are some search results based on my keyword "Rescuebots"

You can only view the official channel, fan channel and other channels that streams some clips of the series.


Sesame Street's Star S'Mores
- haha I didn't know they have this online, so cute and funny


LEGO content, yes they have it


Dreamworks TV are also searchable and available.
National Geographics for Kids are also available, and I'm so glad that they included Brave Wilderness YouTube channel here at YouTube Kids.


I did some search for my vlog and I found that my "Azrael Coladilla VLOG" YouTube channel is included in YouTube Kids.

So it means, that my vlogs are great for family viewing.


Thanks to the people at Google for coming up a YouTube app for Kids, Im so glad that we have an official YouTube app and we no longer have to rely on third party app.

No more worries for those political videos that are not suitable for kids, they keep on popping as suggested videos when you use the YouTube app.

Also -- I guess those video ads are also filtered out here at YouTube Kids. I haven't seen one and Im sure that those annoying video ads are not available.

Good job guys!


Download the app in your kids's device if they own one
Or let them use the YouTube Kids only, introduce them the app while its early.
Its better for them to use YouTube Kids, because the video content will not corrupt their minds and it will display only videos that can help their brain developments.

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