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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A chat with Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos at Philam Life's Transformational Recruitment Program


I got a chance to meet Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos at the Philam Strong event at Green Sun Hotel. Its an event launch about Philam Life's Transformational Recruitment Program.

We we're reminded that life insurance is very important now a days and it seems that few Filipino are aware about its importance and benefits. I totally agree with it because in the past, I usually dodge any invitations of a friend who is an insurance agent. Its hard to understand back then its purpose to my life and I just want my money being spent to material things that I really need. But my views for insurance changes when I started my own family, I finally learned that it is important because the money that is saved well and managed by a legit insurance company, can be used in the future if ever we die, got sick or needed educational funding for our kids.

When I met Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos, he asked for our help to spread awareness about insurance especially to young people. From what I've learned, young people have the most advantage, because there are lots of insurance coverage than those people who are old. And for young people, they can retire at an early age with a bigger insurance coverage and claims.

One of the problems encountered is that many are aware about life insurance but there's zero actions to apply and pay one insurance plan, I'm a bit guilty there, he is right and I can tell that Im one of those people who lack action in getting an insurance. I thank my wife for patiently studying all about insurance and she explains to me inch by inch, because my wife is more convincing than the insurance agents, so I told her get one and let me sign a paper and start pay it monthly or quarterly.

Financial Adviser - new career options
There's also an upcoming change for the career landscape, back then, the most sought after jobs is to work on a computer, then to work at a BPO, and then the CEO see that the next big thing for career options is to apply as a financial adviser, normally I know that the term financial adviser is still the same with insurance agent, but hearing the word adviser is much more passionate than the word "agent".

I know a lot of people who are now shifting to being a financial adviser, If you are passionate about it then you can get your dreams come true, as they say. Its not really easy and not really hard but I see successful financial advisers form their own company with the same career plus backed by Philam Life, that's one awesome job that Im sure the new generation can easily grab it.

The financial advisers of today is a much more younger than the insurance agents of yesterday,  the financial advisers of Philam Life are equipped with tech and gadgets provided by their company and they use this every day to educate people about insurance of financial literacy. Do you think that the new generation got more charm? I bet you, I signed up after the sweet talks.

Here some interesting news about Philam Life and newly launched services, tools and products:

Philam Life launches also a one stop shop office called SPARK, fully digital personalized services to give the best customer service experience to customers of Philam Life, BPI-Philam and PAMI

Customer Portal called ePlan is also now up to provide customers a facility to access policy details and make transactions anytime, anywhere

Philam Vitality
Philam Vitality is the first of its kind in the Philippines and the only full-scale wellness program that is all about getting healthy and being rewarded for making healthy choices.

Future Scholar
Future Scholar, the first in the market hybrid education plan that gives guaranteed benefits at the same time offers long-term growth potential to help parents maximize their savings for their children’s college education.

IMO app
An app which they can use to plan their business, recruit, monitor and manage sales activity

An interactive point of sale system, first iPad-based paperless application that aids financial
advisors do financial needs analysis, present product options, receive applications and pay in
one sitting.

GENESIS by Philam Life
 a modern facility for financial advisors that offers an end-to-end training and development program that fast tracks the journey of Philam Life financial advisors to becoming premier agency leaders and elite members of the global Million Dollar Round Table club.


At the launch event, Philam Life awarded their new brand ambassadors, they are the people who worked with them for so many years, and for naming then, this will serve as inspiration to others who can be successful like them.


“We are able to accomplish all these because we have the capacity and resources to make our
plans a reality. This superior financial strength has allowed us to make significant investments
into expanding our distribution channels, growing our roster of financial advisors, and setting
new industry standards and will make it possible for us to continue to create more positive
changes in the years to come,’’
- Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos
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