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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My 10 guess about #CaptainZEROph big reveal!

Posters of a silhouette character is spreading on social media for months and it says that Captain Zero is coming to town! Details are not yet revealed on who or what is Captain Zero.

We don't have any news or details if its a mascot for a brand or maybe its a name of a new brand.

Months ago I was asked for comments about Captain Zero, and my first impression is that the character in silhouette could be a superhero or maybe a villain. The target symbol on his chest and color orange might give us a clue on what he represent.

So here are my 10 guess and rumors about Captain Zero

1. Captain Zero is a dish washing liquid brand - yeah the product that can clean your kitchen stuff and give you zero germs

2. Alcohol brand - same goes to the dish washing liquid, Captain Zero can help you kill germs too in your body

3.  A new blog - It could be a marketing gimmick for a new blog of someone I know ahahah

4. A shopping promo - maybe Captain Zero can help you get "zero" interest after a card swipe, that's good di ba?

5. Sabong panlaba  - a typical detergent brand that gives you "zero" stains, if you clean your clothes the right way. Others kasi pinagsasama yung puti at colored clothes in one washing sequence.

6. Social media platform - it can be a social media platform, with zero trolls and zero anonymous users. Because everyone are required to post their real photo, name and age.

7. A tech gadget for security - Captain Zero can do all the security for you when you are not around, the tech gadget can do motion sensors, CCTV and even sms you or call the police if someone enter your home while you are not around.  Zero akyat bahay while you are in Singapore.

8. A comics character or movie -  I did some search on social media and found that there are existed Captain Zero characters for comics and movie.  It revealed already in Captain Zero's FB page that he is 100% Pinoy. So my guess is that we have our own Pinoy superhero named as Captain Zero. This could be a new comics or a movie for the MMFF.

9. Cleaning liquid with germ killing substance - you guys know those liquid solution used for cleaning your bathroom? I guess Captain Zero is a germ killing solution and cleaning liquid with orange scent...that's why the motif is orange.

10. Food/Beverage - maybe Captain Zero is brand with zero calorie? ha! my guess only.

so that's my guess about Captain Zero
to know more, check out his social media pages below

The big reveal will be on Nov 17, so stay tuned~
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