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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moon observation of November 14, 2016 - Cavite, Philippines


The entire country and the world enjoyed the brightest glow of our moon as it goes full to light up the night sky, the viewing and observation of the full moon is special last night because our moon hovers the closest to our Earth and the earliest recorded data for its feat was last  January 26, 1948.

They call the event as "Super Moon" because the full moon will be at its closest range from Earth at 356,621.66 km. And the event will repeat after 18 years and it is expected to happen again on November 26, 2034. Wow! I just hope that I'm still alive at that time, I really want to witness this again. My son will be 24 years old and I will be 57 years old by the year 2034.

So let's savor this astronomical event and hope to encounter it on its 3rd recorded Super moon event.

Above is my first photo of the Super moon sequence, that was around 6:30pm, minutes after the moon rise sequence. The moon rise is bigger that night and thanks to the horizon effect and illusion, we saw the moon glows an orange color after the effects of pollution in the sky.

The moon later on turn white or gray as it reaches a higher level in the night sky.


I gathered my gear and took some test shot before the main event.
We expect the Super moon at 7:21pm that evening as reported by our weather and astronomical agency - PAGASA.

My son joined me in capturing the Super moon, and its funny that he uses his iPad mini to take photo, he later got upset because he fails to get a good magnification and view of the moon. He told me that he wants to be like me, awww.


My gear last night:
Nikon D5300
70-200mm Nikon lens
Manfrotto tripod


This is the full moon at around 7pm. Now at the high level and away from the horizon. It lights up the entire sky and it was like a darker version of our sun. Its so awesome to view it even its just a full moon.


This is the Super moon at 7:21pm.
It looks like a sun na! hahahaha.


Super moon at 7:30pm
Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines


I changed the white balance on my camera and displayed a brownish version of the Super moon.
I just hope I didn't changed my setting at at around 8pm.

I also submitted my observation and photo via:

my observation was:

"The moon's size is bigger during its moon rise sequence, then it changes color from orange to gray at around 6:30pm. The Supermoon started at around 7:21pm here in Bacoor, Philippines, the moon shine its brightest at the night sky.

Also at around 7:21pm, I noticed a spark or glowing object at the lower right corner of the moon, maybe theres a satellite flyby, sorry I didnt captured that in photo"

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