Car Speed, Go Kart Race, and Petron's High Temperature Protection line for high-performance cars


It was a day of speed, race and Petron's new line of products that can benefit high performance cars, the event and launch was held in City Kart Racing in Circuit Makati. A perfect venue for motoring events and also a great timing to talk about cars that runs on fast speed and needed more protection against extreme conditions.

People who owns cars with high performance engine and also model will be happy to know that Petron HTP is here to take care the conditions of your car.

Just visit a Petron station and ask for consultation first to your car dealer or service center about the proper use of Petron HTP products to your car.

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Petron High Temperature Protection (HTP) line includes the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Premium HTP, the Brake Fluid HTP DOT 4, and the Grease HTP Lithium Complex.


In celebration of the launch of Petron HTP,  they introduce their new celebrity ambassadors for Petron. Introducing car expert James Deakin and actress Janine Gutierrez.


The appearance of Janine Gutierrez reminded us that she is the Petron calendar girl for 2017


That day, Janine revealed that she is into motoring sports, because of the influence of his dad, she even tried to be a flag girl for the Petron HTP event, and she said that it was a dream come true for her.


Before we start the Go Kart Race at City Kart, we attended first the ceremonial ride and drift of James Deakin riding the Go Kart into the race track and also the flag signal of our Petron calendar girl Janine Gutierrez.


There goes Mr. Deakin zooming....


All present media and bloggers were invited to participate in a day of Go Kart Race.


City Kary Racing Makati
visit their FB page for rates and Go kart rental


Its my 2nd time to race and I hope I can correct the mistakes that I've encountered last time.
I passed out in the middle of the race because of too much focus.


Thats me zooming through a downhill slope.


Jeff overtakes me..I got tired driving after some laps.
One mistake that I've encountered is that I always step on the gas and break at the same time.. Its a big no no to step on both pedals, maybe because in video was okay. But for real life Go Kart, its a big no no!.


I finished 5th place only!!!


Whew!! Nice racing and motoring event that day!
Thanks Petron HTP