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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lazada's 5th birthday this March 21-23 means big big sale!

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This article was supposed to be out the other day, but whenever I always log in to my Lazada account, I actually end up surfing the entire Lazada shopping site the entire day hunting for items that I may need for photography, blogging, skateboarding and travel adventure.

After filling up my wishlist section, I'm going to sit back and relax and wait til March 21, because that's the announced that Lazada will be celebrating its 5th birthday, and it means that Lazada's existence here in the Philippines is an Earth shaking because recently the company has been acquired by e-commerce giant, Alibaba. Think of lots of possibilities that Lazada will be improved even better as time goes by because they are now part of Alibaba's world domination for e-commerce.


Here in the Philippines, Lazada is not slowing down, and we're thankful that they are the big influence for online shopping and made us sure that e-commerce thing here in our country is safe and easy. This marked the declaration that the Philippine is so e-commerce ready and doing great, thanks to Lazada.


I missed the opportunity to ask the Lazada CEO and co-founder Inanc Balci if Lazada will try to venture online grocery shopping and scheduled shopping, because I think that will be the next trend in the future for e-commerce, People can just wait at home for their grocery to arrive and even enjoy the convenience of receiving your daily food at home on a scheduled day, I just hope that he can read my blog post and send a reply via my email.

For some fun facts, Inanc Balci shared these numbers

- 700,000 smartphones were sold and delivered around Manila up to Pampanga
- 1 Million power banks sold
- 1,400 orders happening in one minute
- 5,000 unisex sauna suit are sold
- 260,000 packs of diapers sold

I think these numbers are on record during their 5 year operation here in the Philippines

Here are the super sale news for Lazada's big big birthday bash this coming March 21-23, If you are planning to go out on Tuesday, make sure that you have already browse the section of Lazada's SHHHHHHH! because that's the section in their webpage the list of 5 items that will go on sale for every minute, hours and day.


During the presscon, they teased us with these items that will go on sale this March 21-23

Nivea shower gels will be sold at PHP 68 each
Inflatable Banana Bed for PHP 199
CKK Inspire smartphone for only PHP 925


Delsey 4-wheel trolley sold at PHP 3,507 (orig price is PHP11,400)
JBL on ear headphones will be priced at PHP 699 (orig price is PHP2,200)

There's also:
Avision 24" HD LED TV and Matrix Air Conditioner at PHP4,999 each
Bluetooth car stereo player priced at PHP 699

Other offerings:

Shoppers can get a chance to win a trip to Taiwan, check out the Lazada pages for more info.


Lazada and their brand partners

March 21-23 will be a crazy day for online shoppers! Im sure that some of you are camping out infront of your PC or tablet because you want to score those super sale items. Expect me also to join the Lazada craze, because I want to score that Banana bed hahha

For tips: Visit the page of your prospect items and add them into your wishlist so that you can go back to your wishlist page section for easy and fast shopping.


Visit Lazada's website for the shopping spree this March 21-23

Thanks and Happy 5th birthday LAZADA!!

(my wallets and plastic cards are ready! hahaha)
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