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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Alaska IronKids 2017 in Subic - aftermath and coverage


Kids ages 6-14 years old woke up early in the morning at Subic  Bay, that's around 4am just to have a warm up for the early competition at Alaska IronKids 2017. But I learned that these kids are training hard for the junior triathlon, some of them are regulars, annual joiners of the event and some are competing for almost 5 years.

As they say, start them young and they'll be become the PRO in their field in the future. Kids who are into Alaska IronKids can be nice step by step training for them if they are planning to join the IronMan competition when they reached the right age. But I observed the kids who are competing at the last Alaska Ironkids 2017, I can say that they pack a lot of confidence and focus, also I noticed that kids 13-14 years old got their body toned and all ready for battle.

Wow! Watching the kids compete in a junior triathlon made me cheer for them, same thing as their parents, family and friends are cheering at the event site.

Alaska IronKids is doing this for 6 years already, and the sports event for kids will help them develop the values of discipline, determination, hard work, sportsmanship and persistence through a series of race obstacles.

Kid participants for the Alaska Ironkids are well trained and preparing for this annual triathlon for kids for months, so Im sure all of them are prepared, physically fit and mentally fit.


When kids are ready to swim, bike and run for the Alaska Ironkids, I also prepared myself to have my best blog and vlog coverage of this year's annual junior triathlon.

You can also view my vlog coverage here at

Looking at kids compete, I can see that they are enjoying it, just like that they are playing games with friends.


Their parents that day are so proud of them, I heard a mommy advices her 5-6 year old kid "okay ha, don't ever cry when you are running and got tired", then the kid say "mommy I want a hug!"

Its the most cutest moment that day, I've noticed that my eyes got wet and I can't explain why, I suddenly missed my 6 year old son at home and I just want to teleport to Cavite to meet him and hug him. Because we parents dont want our kids get their most difficult times, but for sports, they will get stressed, tired and even get bored, but Im thankful that sports event and summer boot camp teaches are kids to be tough and also learn how to know their weakness and also strength.


Dads and moms are doing their best that day to make sure that their kids are in their best shape and in best mindset. Helping them carry their bikes and fix or troubleshoot some of their triathlon gears.


Alaska Ironkids added some removable tattoo for kids with numbers that can identify them during the junior triathlon.


Alaska Ironkids also provided them a tracking anklet for precise recording of time and laps for the entire duration of the junior triathlon.

They are light and waterproof and attached on an ankle of the kid.


After the number tattoo and the timing chip add on, I spotted the kids are lining up to park their mountain bikes at the end of the swimming pool. They will be dropping their swim gear after and then hop on their bikes to continue the 2nd leg of the race.

Its a Swim- Bike - Run

Older kids will swim up to 200m and then bike around the area for laps and then will run again on the oval for 3-5 times, I think.

for the younger kids, they will just run 3 laps only for the oval.


During the race of the 13-14 years old, I noticed the other younger kids were at the pool waiting for their next turn,some of them were just resting, trying to test how cold the swimming pool, others were just playing around on the bench and while others are so serious doing lots of warm ups to condition themselves before the competition.


When race time is up. The most important part of the Alaska Ironkids is the briefing session with their race master and Alaska Ironkids organizer Ms Ani De Leon-Brown


Ms Ani instructed the do's and dont's and also informed the kids that they are in safe hands, because there are lots of swim marshals on standby and they will be monitored during the swim laps.


I was worried at first for the swimming circuit, but I felt relieved when I hear about the briefing from Ms. Ani and learned about the swim marshals.


After the briefing...  a wacky photo op is next before the race.


The older kids jumped into the water first, and then after swimming into the other lane, the younger kids followed. Two swim marshals are in the water, to make sure kids are okay and to usher them when the race starts.


Wow! the kids swam so fast!


Each kids do their own swimming stroke, others do the breast stroke, others do the freestyle stroke.


Swim marshals on stand by.
One kid slowed down and when we noticed her because she started to grab the line to recover, I spotted one swim marshals went into the water and he monitored the swimming activity of the kid. The kid finished the laps safely and proceeded to the next stage.


Muscles on their arms and legs might be tired after the swimming race, but it didn't slowed themselves, they still ran and gasp for air to recover and get ready to race to the bike parking lot.


They grabbed their helmet, running shoes, shades and bikes. They ran as fast as they can to exit the bike park and proceed to the biking area.


During this stage, I hear their parents cheering them up and shouting go go go!, be careful! go easy! go kuya! go ate!


When I was snapping a photo, I saw this kid almost lost his balance, and then accidentally grabbed the bike's seat that prompts him to glide on the side, he paused for a moment then we saw that he grimces in pain, he suffered a mild sprain, the medic team and marshals assisted him right away to recover. After some minutes, I saw this kid running at the oval field, and he finished the race.

wow! tough kid!


At the oval, it was hot already, the sun sets at around 8am-ish. The kids ran around to complete the 3 laps, other kids started to get tired and slowed down, but their parents, trainer and siblings were with them running at the side, cheering for them to keep on going and never quit. That was the best family support ever to not let their child quit the race.


At the oval, two racers for the 13-14 years old category are racing so hard. It was the race of Clifford Pusing and Juan Francisco "Wacky" Baniqued that was the exciting part.

They ran side by side and it seems that they guide each other, making sure the other doesnt quit.

Wacky Baniqued bag the 1st place, while Clifford Pusing is on 2nd place.


Here's the kid who was slightly injured before the bike race. He's back and fine, now running the oval.


Spotted on this angle. Looks like Clifford and Wacky are running so fast and caught up the last runner.


Angelina Powell spotted on the oval.
She finished at 3rd place for the female division of 13-14 years old.


Also its fun to see kids 6-8 years old. They seem to have lots of energy running around the oval. Other kids who got tired and bored get the most cheers from their family and also from other spectators.


The youngest junior triathlete is Athena, at age  4 years old, was allowed to be the "saling pusa" for the race, she ran and ran and never stop.


I also spotted some kids running side by side with other kids, I think they are siblings giving support to each other while on the oval.


I was clocking for a 46 min for the end of the race, that was the record last year, but then Im surprised that Wacky Baniqued finished the race at 42min.

I was too far away from the finish line and didn;t got a snap of their winning glory.


Winners of the male 13-14 years old
left to right: Clifford Pusing 2nd, Wacky Baniqued 1st, Russel Villaraza 3rd.

see more of the race results here at

13-14yrs old
11-12yrs old
6-8yrs old


I also got to interview the female winners from last year, The Borlain sisters, on pic are:  Samantha and Tara, not on pic their youngest sister, Francheska.

The three Borlain sisters were the rockstars of last year's Alaska IronKids, the three of them dominated the three category for 13-14 years old, 11-12 years old and 6-8 years old.

I've learned that Samantha will no longer compete for the moment for her to focus on academics, while Tara is still game and will compete at the Cebu leg of the Alaska Ironkids, as for their youngest sister Francheska said that she will compete too. The three were spotted at the event to support their fellow junior triathlete.


Also during my interview with Wacky Baniqued, he didn't know yet if he landed on 1st or 2nd place, but I told him, he won 1st place because we saw who finished first, but Wacky said to me that it was a close race and a photo finish with his contender Clifford.


But then it was revealed when his name was called on was confirmed that Wacky Baniqued won the 1st place.

He said that he doesnt have plans yet to compete for the main IronMan, because the distance is too long for him. Maybe when the time comes, we might see Wacky dominates the Male Ironman series in the future, because at an early age, he can master the skills of winning.


All are winners...nobody went home losers. Each of them got their own medal and also awards.


Also spotted at the event are the adult triathlete for the IronMan 2017. Wow!  the kids sees them as their hero, Im sure all of them will be inspired to compete next time for Alaska Ironkids 2018, I wonder where will it be located next.


Mom and Dad are so proud to see their kids compete for the Alaska Ironkids, they are so sure what kind of sports they want for their child. As for the kids, they really enjoyed the activity, they trained so hard months or years ago just for this competition. Sports like the Alaska Ironkids, are truly setting a good example that kids really need to enjoy themselves while  intro sports.

Congratulations to all winners
to all Alaska Ironkids participants

see you all next time in Alaska Ironkids 2018!

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