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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sofitel Manila's First Flavors of the World feature at Spiral - Indonesia!

Wonderful Indonesia

Fellow foodies!
Check out the latest offerings of Sofitel Manila's Spiral, this week they are feature the 1st foreign cuisine for their Flavors of the World, a new food series that will be observed at Sofitel Manila, they will bring in the food and flavors from the different parts of the world, for us to try it and appreciate their kind of flavors and unique taste.

For this week they are featuring the flavors of Indonesia, the Flavors of the World: Indonesia started last March 13, 2017 and it will end on March 19, 2017. Just head to Spiral Manila to check out the Indonesia flavors located near the Filipino and Korean Atelier at Spiral Manila.

Rates starts at PHP 2,650nett and PHP 3,100nett


We went there to have a taste and try session at Spiral last Monday and I can say that my focus went directly to the Indonesian Atelier and I already snubbed other food hahahah.

Why? because I super love Beef rendang and my heart overflows with joy after I saw that they offer Beef Rendang on the buffet table. I remembered that when I stayed in Malaysia for 4 days, I always eat Beef Rendang for lunch for 4 straight days and I even launched a grocery hunting mission to take home a special mix recipe in making the tasty rendang.

But there's no need for me to travel to Mindanao to taste a similar Beef Rendang, or go to Malaysia or Indonesia to taste the authentic kind of Beef Rendang.

I can now go to Spiral to taste and indulge myself with the spicy and tasty Beef Rendang, I just wish that the Indonesian Atelier can stay at Spiral Manila forever.

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia - Pradipta Bayu 2

In order for Spiral Manila bring the authentic flavor, they fly in the best of Jakarta's chef -- Chef Pradipta Bayu Primpaputra here in Manila, to cook and showcase the kinds of food recipe - Javanese, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Balinese cuisines. Chef Pradipta portfolio includes working at Ritz Carlton Doha and Culture Royale.

He will be here in Manila for one week for the Flavors of the World: Indonesia and also conduct a series of cooking session and workshops for foodies and chef.


Cooking class schedules
March 14 at 4pm
rates: PHP 1,500nett per person

Chef's Table session
4 course menu
March 15 at 6pm in Davao-Boracay Interactive Show Kitchen
rates at PHP 4,200nett per person

For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 (02) 832 6988 or email


Jackfruit and calamansi drink

They mixed the juice of two fruits,  Its my first time to taste jackfruit as a juice drink. Its very sweet and its a good refreshing drink. Perfect for the summer season.


Beef Rendang Padang

My favorite beef rendang. The spice level and taste of rendang is so perfect. I expect for a lesser spice but for the authentic kind, the spice is in its mid range only. The beef is soft and its very addicting.


Nasi Goreng

I've tried making nasi goreng rice at home by using those instant mix while you cook rice on a rice cooker. The instant ver is far more different from the authentic nasi goreng. I will never do that instant mix hahaha. The nasig goreng here at Spiral is a must try and the best pair for all Indonesian food.


a kind of spicy fried chicken
I almost snubbed this chicken, but after a few bite and taste, I found that they cooked a crunchy chicken skin, which is good, and also the taste of the chicken meat is flavorful and its different of what we have here in the Philippines.


Gado Gado


Bihun Goreng



Chicken and beef meat on skewers, this is the best food of Indonesia. Satay on sticks.


Sup Buntut

The soup that was cooked for 2 days with lemongrass and aome spices. The soup is mainly that spices and lemongrass, no dip of any beef broth. They add the Ox Tail in every serving.

Its the best soup and food ever at the Indonesian Atelier of Spiral.

A must try and I super recommend this!


That day, I finished 2 bowls of Sup Buntot.
Because its the most tastiest food ever in Spiral for me.... something new has brought the wow factor at Spiral, for me the Sup Buntot captured my heart.

Pullman-155_edited Pullman-190 Pullman-162_edited

Here are some food that was posted on the Spiral Manila's press guide,
sayang walang label. But these food will be available at the buffet table or at the 4 meal course.


Super happy bloggers hahaha. I wish that I can go back at Spiral again before the end of their Flavors of the World: Indonesia.

But with these new flavor series at Spiral, people will be excited to go back and visit to enjoy new flavors and food. I wonder what will be the next?

I actually suggested, next time they should bring Russian cuisine. I will definitely try it and never miss it.

Happy eating!

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