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Monday, April 10, 2017

4th Partakan Festival 2017 in Cagayan- a moto-tourism festival scheduled this April 14-15, 2017


Ropali Motorcycles, the biggest motorcycle dealership in the Philippines has banded together with Honda Philippines and also other motoring brands to organize the 4th year of the Partakan Festival 2017, the 1st and only moto-tourism event, ride and rock music festival, an annual festival being held in Sta. Ana, Cagaya, the end northern part of Luzon, Philippines.

The next Partakan Festival will take stage at the Anguib Beach in Sta Ana, Cagayan aka The Boracay of the North.

Ropali Motorcycles and its sponsors is bringing back the motoring activities and competitions for all riders, motorist and adventure seekers. The aim of the event is to unite all riders, promote Moto-tourism, and also promote the beautiful province of Cagayan.


This year's goal is to dedicate Ropali Motorcycle's heartfelt gratitude to their community by honoring their solid Brotherhood, great Passion and the blithe Freedom in riding motorcycles.

The next Partakan Festival will be on April 14-15, 2017.
Visit their website and Facebook page on how to join their moto-tourism event.

Visit their website at
And Facebook page


Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan


Partakan Festival is always being held here in Sta Ana, Cagayan, and I've learned that the owner of Ropali Motorcycles family originates from that province. The Partakan Festival is also way to promote the province and also have an awareness about the town's history and cultural practices of its people.

The festival is a big help to highlight the beautiful land and beaches of Sta Ana. Cagayan.


"I hope our participants can also visit the places along the way, that's one of the mission of Partakan Festival is to promote local tourism and not just Cagayan, but also the place and town along the way."

Mr Aldous Alingog
General Manager of Ropali Motorcycles


"This year's festival will be held in a new location- the Anguib Beach, the Boracay of the North. This beach is one of the finest in the country. "

Ms Ariane Arabel Alingog
President of Ropali Motorcycles

Here are the highlighted events and competitions at Partakan Festival 2017

Amazing Ride is similar to the popular game show -- Amazing Race TV series. The goal is that different teams will travel from Manila to Cagayan and will have to visit selected Shell stations to participate and complete the challenge. Riders and non riders are invited to join in this contest. This contest is in partnership with our DOT Department of Tourism and Shell.


Automoto Speed Challenge
is a drag racing sport for riders. There are two kinds of categories 1) motorcycles 2) automobiles. The agenda here is that racers will battle head to head to determine who is the fastest.  Race vehicles will compete on a controlled environment at the Partakan Festival


Partakan Festival 2017 also added a Summer Bod contest! 
There are 13 girls who will compete to win the Partakan Summer Bod 2017 title. Everyone are invited to vote and also cheer for the girls this Partakan Festival.

Other contest also includes -- Bail Out Challenge, a contest similar to the popular obstacle game show -- Wipe Out. Team members will battle head to head versus other teams in Anguib Beach.

Ride and rock festival
-- Partakan Festival organized also a Battle of the Bands, Hip Hop Dance Showdown, Summer reVibe and also raffle to win a brand new motorcycles.


Ropali Motorcyles are so ready for this week's Partakan Festival


As for us...the media bloggers-- who will participate for the Amazing Ride contest, are so ready to travel and also complete the challenges along the way from Pasig City-Sta Ana, Cagayan.

We're so excited!! and I hope you can travel with us too!









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