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Monday, July 10, 2017

Back to blogging and Toycon aftermath (long blog post)


Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my blog! Its been 2 weeks that I stop producing a good content because I got so busy in dealing with the Toycon event. Im happy to say that the event is a success and all of our sleepless night and stress for months has rewarded us an awesome result.

Now im back to blogging, I was planning to have a blog vacation right after Toycon, but I got reminded that I have lots of back logs that I need to finish and these back logs are from June 2017 and I need to finish them right away because I gave my commitment and I thought that I can do it and use my extra time while doing Toycon, but it was impossible for me to do both and I realized it when my schedule starts to be occupied by administrative duties to fix and do some trouble shoot at very last week of June.

A day before the event, my internet at home got disconnected and I stayed calm and re-organize myself and prepared to travel to Manila, then visit Coreon Gate in Malate to do a 5 hour office work before the big day.  Thanks to Coreon Gate!! they have the fastest internet connection for an internet cafe and the 5 hour connection is free is you buy some drinks and food.  Ang galeng grabe.

Photo: that's my hand..medyo pumuti ng konti, may story about it, and abangan nyo na lang


I thought the sleepless night are the worst ever, but after experiencing a 5 hour non stop office work at Coreon Gate, I felt so weird and sick, my head starts to spin, feeling some vertigo thing, then it was the worse feeling ever,  I felt that Im going to die because my head hurts and my eyes are starting to close, I think this is what they call over fatigue. Im glad that I survived  that day of June 29, 2017. I dont want to experience that ever again.

Photo:  Im sitting alone inside our cinema room at Toycon. Im just finished doing some round up check


After the end of day 1 of Toycon, Im very thankful that I got invited to stay in Microtel by the head of Anime Alliance PH. I was planning to stay for 4 days but I need to be at home after day 2 because its my birthday and my wife and son wants me to go home to celebrate my 40th birthday at home. I told them to pick me up and they did!

Photo: my last photo inside my room at Microtel in SM MOA complex, doing the last update and pre-prod for Toycon day 2.


At Toycon Day 2, I got the courage to have a quick photo op with our Japanese celebrity guest, that's Nana Yamada and Yanakiku. I approached them after we finished eating our lunch and then I introduced myself as part of Toycon Philippines and I told them if its okay to have a photo op. Im glad that Yanakiku can understand English, so saying photo op to them already knows what Im up to.


Batch 1 of the Creators Stage, its funny that this concept was brought to me for 3 weeks before the big day. I was so busy for the promotion and I was told that we need to invite our local vloggers and influencers for the Creators Stage. Pop Life set a meeting with me at Marriott Hotel and after I learned what are their plans, It took me a week to figure out what they really want. I was planning this for Toycon since last year and it seems that we're going to the right direction.

After finishing the promotion, I re-formatted myself and contacted the vloggers and influencers that are close to me. Im so happy that they accepted my invitation and then we saw a successful run for batch 1 and after mapping the program format, I told my self that I should stick to the same and not try experimental things.

Photo: thanks so much to our event host RJ Ledesma for helping us host the event and also organize how to run the program.


Batch 2 o the Creators Stage was a challenge for me, they are too many!!! hahahaha
Im in contact with the head of Adobers Studio and they helped us tap their Adobers vloggers squad,  I haven't collaborated with them before but some of them are I met in a Youtube Creators Studio Manila event.

Batch 2 was a blast because having many guest on stage is fun, crazy, wacky and its anything goes!


Organizing the Creators Stage is my main focus at Toycon, and its the most stressful production because I need to be in contact with everyone and bring them all here at the stage. Im glad that the big boss of Pop Life told me to get their passes so that they can stay at the VIP room at the 2nd floor of SMX. Good thing that we have that VIP room, so I contacted all of them that we can meet at the VIP room to meet everyone and also eat lunch before or after the Creators Stage segment.

For Batch 4--the last Creators Stage batch, we featured the community based digital influencers and vloggers featuring: Youtube Vloggers PH and Rumble Royale.


Batch 3 of Creators Stage features the most popular vloggers, its funny that we made a separate production meeting a day before the Batch 3, and the new plan is to move the Creators Stage segment to the main stage of our event. Thanks to Alan and Simon of Pop Life for the wise decision, its good that we moved it there so that we can cater more audience and also give a great highlight of our digital super stars.

Wow! our guest are Alodia Gosiengfiao, Wil Dasovich, Jako de leon and Baninay Bautista. And to make it more awesome..Pop Life guest Greg Cipes joined the panel too.


I was supposed to take a rest every end of the Creators Stage, so while everyone are so busy, I decided to wear a costume and mask to prank everyone inside Toycon.

Its the craziest stunt ever--thanks to Adam Savage, Mark Hamill and Peter Jackson for doing the some prank and doing an incognito mode when inside a convention. They inspired me to do the same and I think I might do this regularly.

I was planning to do this last 2016, but it was so hard to acquire a costume, but thank goodness that the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie was out last summer, I got a 2nd chance to buy that Star Lord mask and gun at Toy Kingdom and I got to wear for the 1st time that 2 year old red jacket that I got from the Christmas party of Mazda Philippines (geezz that's a very expensive jacket) and also wear that Crumpler camera bag as one of my strap costume add on and wear my 23 year old leather Big Boy boots...and voila!!! I became Star Lord ahahah


I launched a mini contest at my Facebook and told everyone that I'll be wearing a costume at Toycon, so who ever catches me will win a prize. But 5 people already caught me first as soon as I stayed 5 minutes inside the Toycon venue hahahaha.

Then after pranking the panel of Justice PH, I decided to gate crash the Toycon cosplay contest and I went up on stage as the last minute contest joiner -- I was cosplayer number 27. I fooled many people and then I revealed myself on stage doing my short Star Lord skit.

Watch that moment here:

Thanks to Aci Girl for the video

Alam na kung ano costume ko this Halloween and also in every PR or brand events na require ang costume ahhaha.


Toycon 2017 ended..we're happy that all are happy. But first, we like to thank our Toycon volunteers for being there every year!! the Anime Alliance PH volunteers are expanding and its funny that they know more about the event logistic than us organizers hahaha. galeng nyo!


In every Toycon, I always took home my trophy... for me.... the Daimos Collector Mates is the best trophy ever!!!   Thanks Pop Life for this birthday gift


The birthday celebration.
A day after Toycon, I was planning to take a rest at home, my body and head are tired and want to sleep for the rest of the day, but then my wife Lace Llanora organized a surprised birthday party in Las Pinas, and I am soooooo surprised that they've pulled off a prank and a party for me. Grabe!!! muntik na ko dun hahahaha.


Thanks so much guys!! medyo NSFW ang party hahahaha kaya no other photos and videos to be posted LOL

Sana birthday ko uli next mont hahahah!


After some days...on the same week!!! its Spider-man: Homecoming movie mania!!! OMG!!! Pagod pa ko but Im so pumped up for this movie! Thanks to OPPO Philippines for inviting us blogger partners for a block screening. Its a super fun event because  I met everyone again after Toycon.


Its a rare moment to have a group photo op us PBNET with Gian hahahaha. so huli ka Gian!


Blogger friends...great to see you all. I missed events and blog hoping, kaya heto ako back to blogging and also Im managing now my schedule because lots of invites are coming non stop for this  month of July.

Time to fix and organize my blog+vlog brand!


Last Friday, my wife told me to fix my face!! LOL
So I went to Luminisce to get a luxury facial and also try their Angel laser whitening onto my face, neck and arms (kaya pumuti yung kamay ko sa cover photo ng blog post na ito)  I will post a different blog entry about my experience.

I was planning to get a skin treatment, right after summer and also Toycon, and this is the right time!!!


4 hours after the skin treatment, I went to the Globe Streamfest in BHS activity center. I was a blogger-vlogger again!! hahhah I really miss attending and cover these event. Medyo rusty nga lang, but my vlogging skills medyo ok ok na. I think its the effect of too much vlogging during the Toycon event.

Yup, I did document the behind the scenes of Toycon, nakakapagod but taking home lots of footage and edit it for a vlog series is super awesome.


also great to meet again these girls.


Last night... it was our Toycon dinner party. We ate at PVL restaurant, its my first time there, and buti na lang the branch is at Shaw Center in Shaw blvd. The admin team were planning to host the dinner party at Marcos highway but they got worried that I might not show up. hahaha I told them basta food makakarating ako.


Toycon just ended and my life is back again....back to my family. Thanks to my wife for supporting me and knows where and how to get my attention during my busy pre-production days last month, and also my son, medyo nagtampo na kasi sobra busy ko, pero nakabawi na din ako after the Toycon, also we bought LEGO stuff last Toycon kaya ok na din sya.


There are some Toycon hang over, Im attending them one by one, and last Saturday was the time for me to cancel all events, so sorry for cancelling my attendance, I just felt tired and I need to rest, Bawi na lang uli ako sa next events nyo

And ohhh. ang sarap ng biggie iced tea ng Wendys.


Back to vlog viewing marathon. Last Saturday was our evening habit of watching some Youtube and Netflix. I became so comfy and relax and I over ate myself, Siguro that will be the last time I will eat 2 burgers, 4 slices of pizza, one baked potato and some chips.  Ayoko na. tama na ang pataba. Its time to work out and loose some fats.


Okay, that's the end of my blog post!
Thank you for reading...

Im back to blogging!!!

so get ready!

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