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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe in SM North EDSA and Trinoma

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (13)

Wait a minute!! bingsu na malamig!

Patbingsu or flavored shaved ice dessert fans will be happy to learn about a new patbingsu store that opened in SM North EDSA and Trinoma. The entire store will attract KDrama and Kpop lovers because of its K-style or Korean style theme cafe.

Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe opened last August 2017 in SM North EDSA and then after a few weeks it was followed by a 2nd cafe branch in Trinoma. ( I just learned about it after I saw a post in their FB page)

Patbingsu is a popular Korean flavored shaved iced dessert that comes with lots of toppings, add ons and added flavor. Its different from the the Philippines' halo halo, Malaysia's Kachang and Japan's Kakigori because it uses shaved iced with add ons and syrup for the flavoring. But its much the same with Taiwan's Baobing for using a flavored shaved iced. It means they froze flavored solutions like condensed milk, fruit syrup and choco syrup solutions into ice.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (16)

There are lots of Patbingsu stores in the Philippines and we're happy to know that the popular Korean dessert is now widely accepted here in our country after we were influenced by South Korean pop culture for decades.

Patbingsu Fact:

Bingsu is commonly known here as Patbingsu, but the real term is Patbingsu and not bingsu, because bingsu is the Korean word for "red beans". So here in the Philippines we should call it Patbingsu or Patbingsoo, meaning "red beans with shaved ice".  But there are lots of flavors already that comes in, but many people prefer to say it as Patbingsu, even if its without a red beans add on.

Also this Korean dessert existed during the Joseon Dynasty from 1392-1910 and government officials of that era are served with flavored shaved ice with fruit toppings.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (7)

Here's the dining area and interiors of Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe in SM North EDSA.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (8)

The store is a bit small but you can eat and run after a bowl of Patbingsu. Also you can enjoy eating and slurping your dessert while watching some KPOP music videos on the wall.

I have a big feeling that most of the customers here are KPOP and KDrama fans.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (8)

We dined in at the end of the store and you can arrange a long table for your patbingsu feast.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (3)

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (4)

Patbingsu of Snowbing should be eaten right away. Because it will melt and the cuteness of the shaved ice will be gone haha. But dont worry, the style of shaving the ice is done by a high tech maching, I haven't seen how they shave it but I've noticed that the ice didn't melt right away when it was served in our table.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (1)

I also learned from the store manager of  Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe that the store brand is local and not originally from South Korean, but we learned that the ingredients and style of preparing food are all inspired from South Korean. They also have a South Korean chef as their consultation for the food, taste and beverage development for Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (3)

Here's the menu of Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe

You can order a Patbingsu for a price of PHP 168 - PHP 198
Its very affordable!

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (2)

Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe also sell some pizza, pasta and toast.
The pizza and pasta are all Korean style, so try them first before you sip a yummy patbingsu.

The toast is so interesting, I will order that next time when I visit their 2nd branch in Trinoma.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (14)

Our food came to our table like a KPOP rockstar.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (6)

Tropical Fruit
PHP 168

I've ordered this Tropical Fruit patbingsu because I just want a lesser sweet flavor. It uses frozen milk and top with lots of fruits.

I love the mix of flavor. Its perfect for me already.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (11)

Salted Caramel
PHP 168

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (10)

Mangoes and Cream
PHP 168

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (12)

PHP 198

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (2)

Choco Brownie
PHP 188

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (5)

Kimchi pizza
PHP 99

The Korean pizza is also good. The taste and aroma of a Korean kimchi can be felt in every bite.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (9)

Korean pizza
PHP 99

With one big slice of Korean pizza is already pack with ground beef and mozzarella chese.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (4)

Korean pasta
PHP 198

The Korean pasta tastes good too! There's a strong savory flavor and I think my buds were going wonky because it taste close to a yakisoba.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (7)

Salted Egg pasta
PHP 198

The carbonara style of pasta with salted egg.  I already sent my suggestion that they should improve their recipe. Because Its hard to recognize the taste of the salted egg. Maybe because it was over powered by the crispy bacons? hmm.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (5)

My food experience at Snowbing Korean Dessert Cafe is good. Im not really a patbingsu fan, but because of my food and taste test here makes me want to come back for that Tropical Fruit patbingsu. The flavored ice in shaved form is a spectacle for me already, maybe because its not commonly prepared here in our country and we only get to try this at a Korean store.

The  taste of their patbingsu is great!! thats their premium product and they should keep it they it should be. I hope they can have options for customers to have their DIY patbingsu. Im interested to have my own version haha.

Snow Bing SM North EDSA (1)

Visit their branches in SM North EDSA and Trinoma
for updates and offers go to their FB page at

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