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Friday, September 01, 2017

Nadai Fujisoba soba/udon noodle restaurant - SM Aura branch


I though at first that Nadai Fujisoba is a ramen house, but its a soba/udon noodle house, they specialize in soba and udon noodles and not ramen. I asked what's the difference? then the restaurant manager told me that soba and udon noodles are much affordable than ramen. Then I realized, oh yeah, it is not a ramen! Because soba/udon can be served in hot or cold or as a separate noodle for your soup.

I first visited Nadai Fujisoba in SM MOA last year, I thought it was a ramen house, but I didn't ordered their noodle, but instead I go visit their restaurant for some nice gyudon and iced tea. I regularly visit their branch in SM MOA for that donburi meal, and then when I visited their branch in SM Aura, there it educated me that it is not a ramen house hahah.


Nadai Fujisoba is the oldest soba and udon noodle restaurant in Japan, they are now here to offer the most affordable soba and udon noodles, the texture and quality of their  noodles are the same from what they offer in Japan.

In SM MOA branch, the only thing that attracted me is that the curtain or banner at the entrance of the restaurant. They do that in Japan, it serves as a cover or banner for their resto. When I saw that banner or curtain. It means that this restaurant offers the traditional food from Japan.

And I was right.... but back then, I still thought it was a ramen restaurant.

Heres' the difference of Soba and Udon
Soba - thin noodles
Udon - thick wheat noodles


My problem in Nadai Fujisoba in SM MOA is that they need to renovate their interiors and fix their air conditioning. They should see that the their branch here in SM Aura is so neat,clean and the ambiance is nice.


The walls are painted with comic characters --- arghhh I can't read these kanji characters


Here's a close up look


I super love their Nadai Fujisoba branch here in SM Aura, its spacious, the lighting is great and the air condition is just right. The resto is a best place for your romantic date, or just want to eat some hot noodle soup, or just want to drop by to drink some beer and relax.

Here's the menu of Nadai Fujisoba


With a budget of PHP180 to PHP 260, one person can enjoy one bowl of soba/udon noodles. Each kind of noodles in Nadai Fujisoba is paired with some beef, pork, chicken or tempura.

Soup based for the soba/udon noodles  are pork broth, shrimp soup and miso soup base.


My wife Lace making her own hot green tea


Kirin beer
PHP 120

Nadai Fujisoba restaurant in Japan was founded to service those Japanese businessmen, its one of the get go food joints and they visit it after their hard work in the office, that's why they also serve imported Japanese beer.

My first time to pair my hot udon with some beers.. and it taste of both are so good.


Tori Niku Soba
PHP 280

soba noodles, stewed chicken, half boiled egg, onion leeks, wakame seaweed


My soba packed with lots of meat and the yummy light tasted soup.
You can adjust the flavor by adding more condiments -- salt, pepper or chili powder.


O Ebi Ten
PHP 130

Best to pair with some hot tempura


I ordered the soba version because its much easy to eat it using chopsticks, I've tried the udon before its so hard to pick them up using the chopsticks, they always slip back to my bowl and there are times that it will force me to use a fork.

The soba noodles is not over cooked, but still soft. The quality and taste is fine and perfect. The best to enjoy this is to eat it right away. I love my soba noodles in hot form, I enjoy slurping it while its hot and warm.

For the 1st time ever, I enjoyed eating a soba noodles. Im a ramen fan ever since before the ramen craze happened in the country, but for soba noodles...Im adding it now to my fave list...after ramen!


Matcha ice cream

Nadai Fujisoba is also selling some ice cream!!! They dont have yet this on their menu, but they told me that they will add more desserts in their new menu.

The matcha ice cream is good!!!! its creamy thick and so tasty.


Me and my wife on a date at Nadai Fujisoba.
I guess the branch in SM Aura is one of the best.


Nadai Fujisoba has a lot of branches. But the only branch that I can recommend is the branch in SM Aura

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