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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Star Wars Force Friday II tonight at 12AM - here are the toys we want to see! #forcefridayph #starwars #forcefriday


Star Wars Force Friday II event and toy launch will happen later at 12AM - SEPT 1, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Atrium, the event is hosted by Toy Kingdom and they are the official retailer to host the Philippines version of Force Friday II.

Force Friday II is a global event and merchandise launch of anything Star Wars for 2017. It means that all toy lines from the upcoming movie -- Star Wars: The Last Jedi, all toys and merchandise will be revealed to the public for the very first time. And If my memory is correct, then Toy Kingdom in SM MOA branch will have an exclusive selling of these toys for a week. It means that it wont be available to any stores, you have to wait for more days before it will be available anywhere.

For my blog post, I've listed the toys that me and my son Ash, wants to see upclose and personal. These toy lines are much awaited for his collection and also for my interest to see how cool are these Star Wars toys.

Im not a regular Star Wars collector, I avoided them in the past during my teen years, because I know that collecting Star Wars action figure is a trap!  Why a trap? Imagine....all characters from the Star Wars universe and also vehicles got its one action figure version hahahah.

For now, my son is the one enjoying the Star Wars collection -- he started from Star  Wars LEGO and now he collects Star Wars Galactic Heroes.

BTW!!! viewing the photo of the toys might SPOIL SPOILERS alert.


Here's the full details of the event later. Take note that the gates will be opened at 1030pm at the main atrium gate of SM MOA. Me and my son are planning to be there at around 11pm or 1130pm.

So here are the toys and merch that we want to see tonight at the Force Friday Philippines

The new Star Wars AR app for iOs and Android is now making waves in every news. The new app will enable you to scan a banner stand from the Force Friday II event and then you'll unlock a character and add it under your digital character collection. There are 15 characters to unlock and if you done it all, you are entitled to join in a raffle that let you win a red carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in US theaters. Im not sure about the full details, but pls read the details from the app.

I did some research and learned that the Philippines is included for this global scavenger hunt.

Star Wars Galactic Heroes

We wish that our local distributors can bring more of these toys.  The Kylo Ren figure are out since last year and we wish that they bring more of it. We spotted that they sold the X-wing playset at PHP300, the Ewok playset at PHP300 and the Tauntaun with Han Solo at PHP250. Im sure that there are more.. we hope they can bring here the Millenium Falcon and some Tie Fighters.


One of our interest is to acquire this playset.


BB8 Galactic Heroes playset
And also we want this BB8 figure that turns into a Galactic Heroes playset. Im sure this will be around PHP1.5k at least.


Last Toy Fair 2017, they've featured this Star Wars character figures with diorama poses, with stand and backdrop. I wonder what will be the price here in the PH.


There's another diorama set that comes with more characters. One great toy to acquire is the Darth Vader doing a force move and the setting looks like it came from the Leia Organa's ship from Episode 4.


Poe Dameron helmet
The design of the helmet is from the Resistance, the same design helmet worn by Poe Dameron from the Star Wars: Force Awakens. Its only a helmet and not a voice changer. You can hear audio from its headphone, an audio from different Star Wars characters and also some sound effects.


Star Wars Black Series
Im so tempted to get this set...... but Im holding back hahahah


The Black Series is so detailed. Its one of the best feature to have a much detailed sculpt and pose ability.

Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer

Yup!!! Spoilers Alert!!  We finally see first that Kylo Ren will ride his own Tie Fighter.... now called Tie Silencer. The  ship comes with a Kylo Ren figure---and Im not sure if the evil version of BB8 is included, btw the First Order BB unit droid is called BB-9E


Hot Wheels will also launch a new playset.


Porg toys suddenly appeared!! I dont know why this creature stands beside Chewbacca.
Maybe its a pet..or maybe some kind of creature that can make kids say "awwwww"


Funko Pop!! BB8 and BB-9E

The 2nd version of BB8 --- look at its arm at the side

r2d2 sphero

Big boys are so happy to hear that Sphero will launch this R2D2 Sphero droid!!!!
OMG. Ipon na tayo ng PHP 9,000

bb9 sphere

And also BB-9E Sphero version.

Btw, these images are from a Youtube channel that leaks that upcoming toy lines for Force Friday II

force link

There's a new toy add on --- Force Link.

Its like those scanner thing from the Episode 1 toy line. Where you can hear audio of characters when you scan a chip from the toy

But this time, the scanner is now a wearable. So that a kid can activate the voice of the toy character while holding the figure

force link 3

Here's a photo demo on how it works.
Too bad that Hasbro bans the PH in vieiwng their latest ad in Youtube. But Im so interested to see this tonight


This is not related for Force Friday, but our friends at Saber Source is having a promo for their new duel sabers. Check out the giveaway from their FB page post - Saber Source


Ahhhh we're excited for the Force Friday II tonight!!! grabe!  Im not sure if we can buy some toys, but im Interested to see them first at the event.

I will post a blog post and vlog of the aftermath of Force Friday, so stay tuned or keep updated via my post on FB, IG and Twitter -- add me @popazrael


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