ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE - a grocery store for local produce organic, natural and homemade products


Natural and organic products became popular because of its health benefits and some of us are shifting to change their lifestyle to a healthier living by patronizing products and food that are naturally produced,  organic certified and eco friendly.

I've encountered the word "organic" 7 years ago, it was first introduced to foodies and health conscious individuals and I've attended event and also farm tour and seminar in order to understand why people patronize organic food. Back in the metro, I've learned that its so hard to find these local produced products that are being distributed by certified organic farmers, maybe because of the limited quantity or maybe that the demand is higher, thus making it more expensive because of the  high demand.

But I'm glad that many certified organic producers are now selling their products in the mainstream market, but only a few make it visible in large grocery stores, and some didn't last long, maybe because the rent of a shelf for consignment in mainstream groceries are expensive and also top brands are aggressive in marketing their own non-organic products.

Some organic producers make a break by having their ow FB page and start to consign in some online shopping sites, but there are some concerns when it comes to delivery, because some of the products are fresh and need to be delivered right away.

Weekend markets are also a breeding ground for natural and organic suppliers, but some of them are not yet certified, so its hard to determine which one are really organic, but when a local farm is popular due its certification, then the product will sell. But how about those who dont have yet their certification, well, that's a challenge and its up to them to have it in order to get a nod from  consumers.


There are some people who want to just visit a store and then grab and go with their fave products, Its rare as of today to have these stores that sells natural and organic items, we have a few, maybe 2-3 stores but located in a corner of the metro and only service the people nearby.

Last August 2017, I got invited to visit this new grocery store -- ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE in Katipunan Avenue, and my sister endorsed me to her friend who is managing the store, I've learned that this is not your ordinary grocery store. The price of their products are more lower than other organic stores and they work directly with the suppliers and farm.

ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE house all natural, organic, local produce, selected international brands and home made products in one store. People can come and visit the store during mall hours 10am-10pm and you can walk through inside and you can buy anything you need for your healthy lifestyle.

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You can do a walk through inside ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE and check the items available. They have around 100+ products that are ready to go. You can also do a pre-order and pick it up at their store or use their home delivery service via Lalamove.com

I've mentioned that ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE is not your ordinary store. Because ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE is regularly doing an interactive session with their customers, a kind of customer relationship that they regulary do to help you get to know more about the products.

They will ask you if you want to do a taste test first before you buy the item. The store can help you appreciate the organic products and let you decide if you want to include it in your shopping basket.
The food tasting is free and there's a brand representative available at the store to answer all your inquiries.



There are lots of products available inside, mostly are products that are ready to be eaten, there are products that are fresh and can be your get go item for farm to table set up, there are organic ingredients for cooking and products for external use, and yes they are organically produced and manufactured.

The fun part when you visited ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE, you'll know what are the locally produced organic products and once you appreciated them, you also help and support them to continue their local farm and production of more organic products.

Here are some of the products that you can buy inside ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE


Fresh vegetables and fruits from Vizcaya Fresh


Super Foods and snacks
- Take Root Khale chips
- Bayani Brew
- Ghie's Pot Spread Garlic
- Casa Lontoc all natural Habanero Chili Garlic
- El Cumino Hot Sauce by Ghie's Pot
- Casa Lontoc All Natural Hot Sinamak
- Hineleban Coffee
- Go Black
- Just Coco 100% Pure Coco Juice
- Crackle Chips Salted Egg Potato Chips
- Saporito Salted Egg Potato Chips
- Take Root granola with burnt honey and cranberries
- Take Root Banana Bread with flax seed
- Greenola nutyy de choco trail mix
- Healthy Grocery Raw Acai
- The Superfood Grocer Matcha
- Veganola
- Raw Ritual guilty free chips
- Kalinga Musang coffee
- Coco Dolce dark chocolate with chili
and many more


Personal care and hygiene products

- Messy Bessy products
- personal care for adults, kids and toddlers
- Green Palette deodorant soap
- All organic guava, coconut, and carrot honey bath soap
and many more.


They also have insect repellents and also pet care

- Beezy Bee House pet balm
- Fetch! natural pet care
- Green Palette petcare shampoo
- Al's Formula for car care and cleaner
- Cusina dishwashing liquid
- SanZyme the all natural anti-bac
- Organic Alley soap and surface spray
and many more.


Homemade ingredients for cooking
- Healthy Grocery chia seeds
- Flax seeds
- The Superfood Grocer chia seeds and quinoa
- Organic Upland Rice
- Masigla Products organic rice
- Made by Maxi caco hazelnut almond butter, cashew butter and etc.
- Golden Mushroom sisig
- Gourmet Bangus in Olive Oil by Native Gourmet
- Gourmet Farm products
- Smoked Salinas by Deep Dips by Chef Arnold
- Spanish Sardines by Matteo's 
- Iloilo raw honey
- Coco sap sugar
- Coffee salt and other salt by Zin Gourmet finishing salt
-and many more.


Vegan ice cream by Super Scoopes


Frozen meat - all are organic and free range


Organic cosmetics


Dairy products made by our local farm group


Dressing for your salad


You can also do an interactive tasting session with ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE , just visit the store and get to taste and try the food and new products at their sampling area.

For you to try and appreciate the product first before you buy them.


ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE current theme is to go green and eco friendly. They use hand wooven shopping basket for shoppers to use around the store. They also re-purpose some push carts wrapped with abaca rope and wooven materials to match the go green theme of the store.


Get lucky also to take home some dragon fruit or any fresh produce inside ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE . During its opening day, they gave away free dragon fruit to any customers who come and visit them. Just ask around if they are going to give away more, just visit ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE  regularly to score some freebies.


Thanks to Ms Mizshel, Ms Gustle and the rest of the staff of ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE  for assisting me and also introducing me to the products they carry.



Here's a closer look of some of the products that are available for purchase at ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE. Also take note that there are also new products like - Earth Desserts. Visit the store and do a food sampling for your personal research of new local and organic products to patronize next.


Bayani Brew
They now have a new bottle design and packaging. Now comes with two flavor - the original Lemongrass Pandan and the new Sweet Potato Leaves farm fresh tea.


Ghie's Pot products

I've met Chef Ghie and I learned that the young chef developed his own spread garlic and chili hot sauce. The Garlic spread is good toppings for your bread, crackers or flakes, a perfect small bite food for your merienda.


The Habanero chili garlic is developed by Casa Lontoc, all are home made and natural.


Chef Ghie's El Cumino is also good, the hot spice doesn't stay longer in your mouth, but gives a sensational chili for a few seconds, a very pleasurable kind of hot sauce, that you will ask for more.
Im sure this is a best hot sauce for your pizza.


Hineleban Coffee


Go Black activate charcoal


Its my first time to see a a charcoal substance that can help detox your body by consuming small amount of Go Black activated charcoal. You will just add this to a glass of water, stir it and then drink it. Don't worry the activated charcoal are tasteless and its okay to have it in your tummy.

The charcoal is made from the shell of coconuts, they turned it into charcoal and then they refine it in order to help detox your bod, a detox agent that is stronger than other alternative.



Go Black comes with two variants -- Honey Lemon  and Lavender tea
The product are also available in ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE


Just Coco


I've encountered Just Coco before and I can say that this is the most tastiest and refreshing bottled coconut juice in the market. I didnt even know that is a local brand. I've tried last year in a Yoga studio in Makati, and it was recommend to us to drink during our yoga break.


Raw Ritual make those guilt free chips. They have sweet potato chips and also Seacharaon chips


Salted Egg Potato Chips are so popular today, our local makers of salted egg potato chips -- Crackle Chips and Saporito produces these chips using all natural ingredients.

My new fave today is the Crackle Chips!!


Take Root bite size bread
If you like to much food while on the go, then you have to try and keep a bag of Take Root in your bag. Their Granola and Banana bread is packed with lots of food that can help you energized all day.


Greenola trail mix is also a good option to power yourself before and after your workout or a long hike. These kinds of food are a must have for hikers, because the food content is packed with lots of protein and energy giving nutrients.


ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE also sells coffee beans that are natural and organic.


This is the most expensive coffee beans ever. The Kalinga Musang Coffee!
Wow!! at a price of Php 1.4k you get the world's expensive coffee! Im going to get this soon at ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE.


Messy Bessy are a top favorite, it is the most successful brand that uses local and organic ingredients for their personal care products, dish washing, cleaning solutions and insect repellents.



Messy Bessy's products are eco friendly and their products are safe for the human and animal skin.


We have this at home now,  Cusina is another brand that makes dish washing liquid that are using natural ingredients too.


ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE also sells shampoos that uses natural ingredients. These are perfect for people who have a very sensitive scalp and hair.


And here I am at my favorite section -- the wine!  ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE got DeMetrio's on board to sell their wines that uses natural base flavor form coffee and fruits.

I've tried this before and I super recommend that you should try their Santol wine


Bath Soap brands that uses natural ingredients


Cold beverage are also available


Fresh produce and eggs


Rice and seeds


Here's a spread that will add to your cravings. The Dulce De Leche spread comes in different flavors - Parmesan, Coconut and Salted Egg.

The Salted Egg is the best! I highly recommend it


Almond and cashew butter


hmm. Mushroom Sisig


Sardines and Bangus fish on a bottle or can. All are locally made by Gourmet Bangus, Deep dips and Matteo's


Spanish Sardines by Matteo's


Local harvested honey


Finishing salt products by Zin


VCO products


Sinamak vinegar from different regions of Iloilo


Herbal candies


Im amazed by this Coco Dolce brand. They are from Davao, the best makers of chocolate products in the country, they have this Dark Chocolate with Chili.

Its not too hot, but it gives a warm feeling in your mouth after munching the dark choco.  Its the best food find also here at ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE


Another awesome food finds are the vegan ice cream from Super Scoopes. They are all plant based and not other non-plant ingredients are added.

Its close to the real ice cream and Im glad that vegans will get to enjoy an ice cream the same way we enjoy an ice cream that uses dairy ingredients.




Frozen meat are also available at ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE, all animals are free range and organic. It means that the animals ate organic greens and usually free ranger means they are not caged and animals roam freely outdoors.


Wow! that was a long post for ULTRA SUPER GREEN STORE, thanks everyone for reading my blog entry and I hope it helped you understand what are the products and brands that they carry.

Pls visit them in Katipunan Ave, at the ground floor of Elizabeth Hall Bldg. The building is almost near UP Town Center and it is located at the other side of the street, right after the foot bridge.

Pls comment below and let me know what products that interest you
and are you willing to go organic and natural too?


FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/UltraSuperGreen

Store address - Elizabeth Hall- Ground Flr. Lot1 Blk. 41 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippine
Telephone - mobile: +639559044744 / landline: (02)7381202