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Monday, September 11, 2017

QRAZY QUESADILLA - a Mexican street food in Manila!


My friend Valerie Hernandez told me about his new business - QRAZY QUESADILLA  and she invited me to try their burrito and quesadilla at Pitstop Foodpark in Congressional Ext.Q.C. I didnt got a time to visit it due to my busy schedule and also the food park is located at the far side of the North.

When I went to attend and cover the History Con at the World Trade Center on its first day. Valerie sent a FB message and she said that she saw my FB post that Im there and she told me that their QRAZY QUESADILLA is one of the food vendor inside the food concessionaire area of the event.

I told her that I already left the venue and was on my way to get a Grab Car ride, but then I decided to cancel the ride and I went back to the event and search for her QRAZY QUESADILLA. Sakto gutom ako nun haha.

At first I thought that spelling is "crazy" but then the official name of the store is a word with "qrazy"
Wow! very clever to use new terms...thats good for SEO! hahaha.

I saw their food store at Histoy Con and Im so happy that me and Valerie met again after years of not seeing each other. Its great to see fellow work mates in marketing industry and great to know that shes doing well outside the corporate walls.

Also I've learned that QRAZY QUESADILLA is also present every Sunday at the Legazpi Sunday Market. Wow! finally! I will visit them na lang in Makati. Also I heard that they might transfer to a new location, so keep updated for the news over at the FB page.


QRAZY QUESADILLA is a new food store concept that specializes in making Mexican street food that are popular in Los Angeles, California. Im not familiar with the food concept there but I know how quesadilla and burrito taste like, but Im interested to compare them on what we have here and the food offered by QRAZY QUESADILLA .


Here's the menu of QRAZY QUESADILLA
The price is just right...and much lower than other stores.


Here are their quesadilla samples


I ordered the OG Burrito carne asada steak version. You can also get the chicken or pork meat for your burrito, but according to Valerie,  the OG Burrito carne asada steak is the best seller!

I super love the taste of the burrito and thanks to its tomato dip that added more flavors for the OG Burrito.  I forgot if thats a roasted tomato dip or just my imagination, its so good and I want to take home more of it for my pandesal  ahahah.

The OG Burrito will be prepared and cooked infront of you, if you have a little patience, you can stay infront of the burrito maker and see how they cook your carne asada steak, and make the burrito from scratch.

sayang! wala ako photo and video ng kinakain ko ito.


Just showing you some of my coverage at History Con!





Sakto lang, after roaming around for an hour inside the event, nagutom na ko at sakto din lang na andun ang QRAZY QUESADILLA

Thanks Valerie!!! and hope to see you soon at the Legazpi Sunday Market



Store location:
Pitstop Foodpark in Congressional Ext.Q.C

and every Sunday at Legazpi Sunday Market

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