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Monday, September 11, 2017

CRIMSON HOTEL FILINVEST CITY invites you to a "SABOR LATINO" Latin American buffet at Cafe Eight


Latin American cuisine in Manila are rare and we only got 1 or 3 restaurants who offer the special food from South America. The Latin American food is a bit closer to our Filipino food, all are meaty, creamy, tomatoey, spicy, salty and savory! Because some of our food here were heavy influenced by the Spanish and Americans during their colonization in the past.

If you are hunting for some good food that originates from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and other South American  regions, then you should check out Crimson Filinvest City Manila in Alabang their monthly WORLD ON A PLATE special at CAFE EIGHT.

For the month of September 2017, they will be bringing here the SABOR LATINO Latin American buffet specials at Cafe Eight for lunch and dinner.




Crimson Hotel Filinvest City
is a 5 star hotel in Alabang City, it stand in front of Festival Mall and its one of the best hotels around when you are in the South. I've stayed here before and It was a fun experience for me and my wife, because we appreciated more on what the south side of the metro can offer to us staycationers, travelers and foodies.

The buffet rate for the SABOR LATINO" Latin American buffet at Cafe Eight
Lunch buffet - PHP 1,235++ with free unlimited drinks
Dinner buffet - PHP 1,410 with free unlimited drinks

For Sunday brunch rate is at PHP 1,305++ per person OR you can also avail the PHP 1,712++ per person, it comes with free unlimited drinks and also free to use the swimming pool for 3 hours and comes with complimentary parking.


Enjoy a 5 course wine dinner, serving Latin American dishes paired with New World wines from Montes Winery. Cocktail starts at 6:30pm, and offered only on September 12, 2017

rate per person is at PHP 2,050++



Cafe Eight is the main restaurant in Crimson Hotel Filinvest City.  Hotel guest visit the cafe for their breakfast, lunch, dinner and also for the Sabor Latino buffet specials.


Cafe Eight also have a bar where you can order any alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.
Coffee, tea and juices too.


Cafe Eight is not that spacious if you compare it in other restaurant who are located inside the hotel, but Cafe Eight its the most cozy and luxurious dining venue in a hotel in Alabang City. And I love their pinoy food and also desserts.



Crimson Hotel Filinvest City really are serious in putting up a Latin American theme in their hotel, here we found some maracas and also performers dancing with music of Despacito.


Chef Marley Flattley, Executive Chef at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila, is the responsible behind the creations of the Latin American food selection for the hotel. He's a Maltese national and Im impressed that he brought those Latin American food to us, thanks to his culinary expertise and you can only taste that for the entire month of September here at Cafe Eight.



Too early for us for some alcohol,but its one of the best "pamana" to us pinoys to be a "manginginom" or being an alcoholic. Here's a nice cold mojito and tequila to warm you up before your big bit of spicy empanada, not your pinoy version, but its the Latin American original of an empanada.


Here's the decorated buffet table of Cafe Eight, the other side of the restaurant presents the SABOR Latino: Latin American dishes.


Spicy Squiad Salad with Chili and Straw Mushroom


Mexican Vegetable SAlad with Tacos and Mint Sauce


Chilean Salmon Tartare wth iceberg lettuce salad


Eggplant, tomato, cucumber, chipotle dressing and red onion


Beans and rice with eggs


Roast vegetables with thyme, young garlic and caraway seed


Aji de Gallina - a Peruvian spicy creamed chicken

-- My favorite and a must try!, the taste is close to our chicken, beef or lengue pastel. But its more creamier and tastier.


Charquican - Chilean beef stew

-- this one is close to our pinoy beef caldereta dish, but our version taste much stronger


Three Milk aka Tres leche


Suspiro Limeno


- its like a pudding but its made from creamy thick 3 kinds of milk


Corn Pudding


Quesadillas and tacos con chili con carne corner at Cafe Eight


You can ask the chef for your preference of your own quesadillas


That's the biggest empanada that I've ever seen!


Each empanada contains ground beef with sauce. To have a much savory flavor, I suggest you add some hot sauce on it and add more in every bite.


For every food special of a hotel, I always make sure that all food on my plate contains the main food special. For this time, I went all Sabor Latino!


At the other side of our table, I spotted Enzo's plate


Jerrycala is so good! but its very sinful due to the super sweet taste of the milk content and its cream.
OMG! it became more good when they've added more fruits on top.


And my favorite Sabor Latino dish is the Peruvian


Sympre! I should not forget to taste their Tacos con chili con carne and their Empanada.


Congratulations to the team behind Sabor Latino! I super recommend that you should try and taste their food special this month. The Latin American dishes are easy to appreciate and if you want to explore more flavors and spice, then this is the best dishes that you should try


And...that's all folks!!

Thank you for reading again my food blog post!!! we're maximizing the food content here in my blog and I suggest you keep on clicking those buttons especially my FOOD blog section for more food post and features.

Visit Crimson Hotel Filinvest City Manila in Alabang  for your dining and staycation experience.

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