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Thursday, October 19, 2017

LANDERS SUPERSTORE - shop now and be a member later c/o BPI Credit Card

landers super store cover

BPI and Landers Superstore launched a partnership since September 2017, and the partnership will benefit the shoppers of Landers Superstore and BPI Credit Card holders for a privilege to shop first at Landers Superstore without using a membership card, but you can only do that if you use your BPI Credit Card to pay at minimum of PHP 3,000 on a single purchase and after that you can apply for a FREE 1 year membership at Landers Superstore without paying for a membership fee.

The shop now and be a member later c/o BPI Credit Card and Landers will be up to October 31, 2017 only.  This is good for new members who want to take advantage of the promo and get a FREE membership card that cost PHP800 per person/member.


Landers Superstore is a new superstore in Manila and they have branches in Otis, Balintawak, Cebu, and also coming soon at Alabang Daang Hari and in Arcovia Pasig.

Landers Superstore is a membership only shopping store that offers top-notch goods and items in much lower prices. The prices of their items are much lower versus the items being sold in mainstream supermarket.

BPI the pioneer bank of the Philippines are now a partner of Landers Superstore to offer more privilege to BPI Credit Card holders when shopping at Landers.

If you plan to apply for a BPI Credit Card, you can also visit Landers Superstore to apply your credit.

Also Landers Superstore members can get freebies like free haircut and other special offerings of the store. You also get discount at a Caltex branch near Landers and selected branches.

Its my 1st time here at Landers Superstore and I'm already happy with the freebies and also discount they give. I haven't tried the Caltex discount, but I super appreciate that they have a free haircut inside a barber shop at Landers Superstore.


Landers Superstore are now selling some Christmas item, so check them out at the nearest Landers Superstore near you.

Me and my family are also excited that they will be opening a Landers branch in Alabang Daang Hari, that's the nearest branch here in our home in Cavite.



Its my 1st time here and I'm already impressed on the items they sell. There's a wide selection of food, fresh and frozen, canned goods and imported products that you can also buy here at Landers.

They also sell furniture for your living room, office and kitchen. There are also toys, clothes and stuff for gardening



As a newbie and my 1st time to shop alone inside a members only superstore, I heavily messaged my wife to send me a shopping list so that I can just grab and go and finish my grocery in less than an hour.



Of course, food for  me and for my baby! is always on the top of my list hahahah
Choco Mallows for me, Oreo for the little boy.


I've saw their donut and cakes section and all are PHP100 or PHP50 off. I bought some Blueberry muffin with choco chips after seeing that PHP50 off sign. I was planning to buy this donut but Im afraid that the toppings might melt when I store it at home --- medyo humid kasi ngayon e.


Toys for the big boys --- wow!! its my 1st time to see this here in the PH
I want to get one...but I will just wait for the price go down in the coming months


I also like that their frozen items are organized and I visited this at the last stretch of my shopping


Time to check out! I used my calculator on my OPPO camera phone and I make sure I reached the PHP3,000 mark, I need that to get the entitle of FREE membership at Landers.


At the counter, the store staff asked for my Landers membership card, but I told her that I don't have it yet and I only have this BPI Credit Card, she accepted my card and continued the check out process .


After claiming my grocery and the receipt. I went to the membership counter to get the application form.

I fill it all up and sent it back to the counter.

I also have the option to have an extended member in my card, but they should be physically present during the application. I was planning to get a card for my wife, but the problem is that she's not with me... sayang!


At the membership counter, they've processed my application and checked my receipt. They took an ID photo of me on the spot and then after some minutes, I got my card!


Here's my Landers membership card, good for 1 year.


After shopping and applying my Landers membership, I can now buy food for lunch (you need the card to buy because its for members only) and after my lunch, I visited a barbershop inside Landers to claim a FREE hair cut.

Just present your Landers card and official receipt from your shopping


Here's a proof that members do get free hair cut

// Thanks to Eugene for sending me a message on FB and told me that there's free haircut at Landers


Thanks for reading my blog post today!

Dont forget that the shop now and be a member later at Landers Superstore and c/o BPI Credit Card will run til the end of October 2017.

For more details, visit

Feel free also to share if you have tips about shopping in Landers Superstore and using BPI Credit Card.
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