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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

ESPN 5 - a collab of TV5 and ESPN to bring global and more local sports content for PH


ESPN 5 was unveiled during the Digicon Summit and we saw photos and videos of TV5 President Chot Reyes showing off his shirt with label ESPN 5. It was a grand opening of some sort that the collaboration of TV5 and the global sports coverage channel ESPN go public for the first time and let everyone know especially Filipino sports fan that  TV5 owned sports sub channel "Sports 5" will be occupied and be used as the new home for ESPN 5.

TV5 President Chot Reyes reminds everyone that TV5 will be there and won't be affected by the transition of Sports 5, but he said that global sports content will also be available in the morning for TV5, a way to present global sports coverage for free TV.


After the launch at Digicon, TV5 President Chot Reyes went to Sofitel Manila's Snaps Sports Bar to talk to the media to discuss more about the new partnership of TV5 and ESPN.

"ESPN’s focus around the world is simple: to serve sports fans. This long-term collaboration across television and digital allows us to jointly serve millions of sports fans in the Philippines with exceptional content and coverage. We are very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we bring ESPN’s great content, and decades of experience in sports media together with a dynamic leader in Philippine sports broadcasting like TV5"
- Mike Morrison, Vice President and General Manager, ESPN APAC

“Our partnership with ESPN, long recognized as the worldwide leader in sports, gives us tremendous upside in the quality of sports programming that we bring to the market.  ESPN strengthens our current position as the country’s sports authority. It is also a testament to our belief that the Filipino audience deserves the world’s best in sports content and programming.”
- Vincent “Chot” Reyes, President of TV5

We learned about the line up of ESPN 5,  and they said that regular shows and sports coverage of ESPN will be on broadcast live through ESPN 5, so we expect the live sports event like the NFL and other sports to be aired live in the morning here at ESPN 5 and also some highlights and sports commentary and program on TV5.

NBA live is out of the list because it was covered exclusively by another network. But ESPN 5 will continue to broadcast some behind the scenes, off court events and interview during the NBA games. ESPN 5 can do that because they got the rights to air and cover side events of the game.

ESPN 5 line up
Local sports content
Monday Night
Sunday Nught
Thursday Night Football games
NFL Playoffs
Super Bowl
Pro Bowl
NFL Live
and many more..

Other segments on the list:

Original, award-winning ESPN studio programs including Around the Horn and Pardon The Interruption.
U.S. College Basketball (including the March Madness® NCAA Championship Tournaments);
X Games, the premier action sports and youth lifestyle competition globally;
ESPN’s Big Fights library, including many of the greatest boxing fights of all time;
ESPN Films’ multi-Award Winning sports documentaries (including the 30 For 30 series);
Major conference American college football (including the College Football Playoff and National Championship and comprehensive coverage of the college football bowl season);
IndyCar Racing (including the iconic Indianapolis 500);
NCAA college sport championships from baseball, softball, lacrosse and football;


ESPN's Raymond Lau, Chot  Reyes, ESPN's Emma Barnes, TV5's Lloyd Manaloto, and Patricia Hizon of SPORTS5.

The iconic SportsCenter will also be available for ESPN 5, but the most exciting part here is that they will be producing a SportsCenter Philippines Edition and it will be air soon this December 17, 2017 during the opening of PBA Season. As of now, they are searching and screening new talents to headline the SportsCenter Philippines Edition and this will be in Tagalog-English language.

ESPN 5 app will come out soon on Android and iOS. For a small fee, you can watch content on demand anything that is sports covered by ESPN and TV5. There's also a way that you can watch a live stream of ESPN 5, so that you can watch and be updated anytime and anywhere with a click of an app.

ESPN 5 starts today, they are now airing NFL recently and you can see that the old Sports 5 is now gone but was replaced by a better one that brings global sports content  to us Pinoys.

For me the most exciting part here is that TV5 President Chot Reyes said that they are planning now to bring the X-Games here in the Philippines and we should expect that X-Games Philippines through ESPN 5 will soon be born.


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