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Monday, December 25, 2017

IMPOSSIBLE: The World's Greatest Magic Show Comes To Manila


Let me first introduce you to Impossible!

Impossible features only the most exciting and entertaining magical acts of this generation.  Fresh from London's West End, it promises mind boggling acts and astonishing tricks that will make everyone feel involved.

It is also worth mentioning that the show has run for 2 Years now and they have been doing the show for more than 7 countries already including this one in Manila..

The cast is no joke. Coming from different backgrounds with different skills, these talented and amazing illusionists, mentalists and magicians are sure to get you entertained for the holidays..

Let's start of with the Master of Magic, Ali Cook. Who's a master of multiple magial trades. He's an illusionist, daring escapologist, sleight of hand expert and performer of thought control.
He is also a "Penn and Teller: Fool Us" alum!


Next up, the Mindblowing Mind-Reader, Chris Cox. He's an award winning mind-reading specialist that have bewildered audiences around the world with his unique mind reading talent. He also has a running tv show for BBC called Killer Magic.

Next is the Explosive Street Magician, Magical bones. Not only will he blow your mind with his awesome magic tricks but will also blow you away with his amazing dance moves as he was a dancer for big artists like Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas.

Ben Hart, the Boundary Breaking Magician, has continuously pushed boundaries in performing unorthodox tricks whether on stage or on his own TV Show. A master of Sleight of Hand, he will surely turn the best street magic into an astounding performanve on the big screen onstage. Don't blink!


The ever so gorgeous, Josephine Lee, a Britain's Got Talent alum, is the world's leading female illusionist. A unique performer that does cool yet death defying tricks will definitely amaze audiences. Look closely as she has a thing for disappearing and appearing where you least expect it!


Last but not the least, the Comic Daredevil, Bello Nock, an America's Got Talent alum, is known for his daring stunts that have earned him the reputation as the World's Greatest Comic Daredevil! He incorporates jokes in his stunts and promises to thrill audiences with a night they will never forget.

The setup will be right in the audience and will make everyone feel involved. The magical cast also promises major audience interaction with tricks being performed with the help of people chosen by the magicians themselves.

"We were overwhelmed by the welcome that London audiences showed Impossible last year and hot on the heels of our success in different parts of the world." notes excutive producer Jamie Hendry. "We are delighted to be bringing our spectacular World Tour this time to Manila!"

After the press conference, the magicians showed us different tricks right then and there!

As someone who loves magic(and performs some too) this was definitely a treat and I was so impressed with the tricks they showed us! It's really up close and personal and you can't even see how they do it!

I can't wait to watch their show! My love for magic have been reignited because of this! Even bought a deck of cards right after! Haha!

You can watch my vlog for the full performances here:

Anyway, these guys are definitely the best of the best and I can expect nothing less than an amazing and spectacular performance.

The show will run from December 25 to January 3 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and tickets can be availed through

If you're looking for a great show to bond with your friends and family then you should watch the IMPOSSIBLE!





Coverage by: Kevin Karl Gabutin Jornacion
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