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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas at home


Here's how we celebrate Christmas at home.
But first, my son requested that we should have our own Christmas party. We're not sure what we supposed to do for a family Christmas party, but instead of making a prelude of our Christmas celebration at home, we got the idea to go to the mall and have our Christmas party there.

We went to SM Southmall and stayed there for the entire day til closing time hahha.
Yeah we maximized our free time and it was December 22 when we went there.

I was hesitant at first because it was a Friday, and for sure there will be a massive traffic jam that will welcome us, but then when we left home and traveled for 30 minutes, we are surprised that traffic is not present along the way and its funny that there few people who are inside the mall.

I think some folks got scared of going out on a Friday Christmas holiday, and we're lucky to shop around without any long lines to the counter.


Our Christmas party starts here
Lunch at Buku Buku Cafe.


Here's a funny way of taking a flat lay of your food + a selfie
We just played around with some dominos set available to borrow at the cafe

I ordered a Lomi Ramen, Lace ordered a pad thai and Ashton ordered that choco muffin on a mug


After our lunch, we shopped inside SM Store --- were Ashton scored some new toys
and then Lace went shopping inside H&M --- super sale daw kasi.

Then we played some arcade games here at Gotcha! Prize -- some sort of Tom's World arcade house, but a lot more better - super clean and machines are working properly

26105298_10156267495199276_1884496460_n 26105512_10156267495289276_1257793198_n

Oppss photo op muna para sa blog.

26105271_10156267494964276_1483888328_n 26175204_10156267495174276_1497547220_n

I bought ten tokens and we tried their UFO catcher machines....too bad we didn;t won any toys that day...but it was okay -- lots of chances but failed to pick up the toys


Ashton played his fave Duo Drive racing game, they won some tickets..but later on Ashton forgot to pick up the tickets on top of the machine --- we went back but some kid took it but it was okay for Ashton, he said he can win more next time.


We also tried this ball game -- we paid 10 tokens to play this game. All we have to do is release the ball and let it pass through the hole in order to score points. But we have to avoid hitting the animals because the ball gets blocked when it hits the animal photo.

I found some science strategy to win this game. in the last 10 balls, I played and all of them scored points. Maybe next time, we will try this game again and see if my science strategy will work again

And ohh we won a robot brick toy, as consolation prize.


We got tired playing some games...we went back to H&M to pick up Lace's Christmas socks. But we're disappointed because the store is unable to find the tag price of the socks.

booo H&M!


After the tiring game we ate snacks here at Cafe Cinaburo
We're still full after eating that heavy lunch at Buku Buku Cafe, so a snacks and cold dessert might trigger some nice appetite.

I ordered an Affogato and then Lace and Ashton ordered a Matcha Bingsu.


I learned that the two are planning to do some ice skating at SM Souhtmall. I totally decline the idea because I dont want to skate and Im tired already.

But the two won and here we are at the ice skating rink --- 1 hour before the mall closes haahah


It was a perfect timing, the ice rink is not crowded and we can move around and Lace last ice skated around 2008 and it was hard to get back the skills and my two foot are aching so badly.

But after some warm up --- I finally skate around and showed my son Ashton that I can ice skate and do some funny tricks lol --- backward skating and also gliding.


This photo -- feels like it was 2008 hahahah


Thank goodness that the SM Ice Skating rink now have this polar bear as a balance guide for kids.
We let our son Ashton skate on his own and here's he is....skating alone!! whoaa!


After the skating session...we ate our dinner here at Testsu restaurant.....
My foot still aches at this hour hahahaha.

Our Christmas party is fun! and we plan to do it again next year.
Thanks to our son for having a great idea to have a family party in a mall.


The next morning..I saw these two cutting some paper...
They cut some paper star and Christmas tree. They used it as DIY Christmas ornaments at home.
The DIY paper cut ornaments are taped onto our throw pillow and curtains.

Ahhh I think Lace got this idea from Youtuber Lauren DIY.


Dec 23 -- we went to SM Bacoor do to do some last minute shopping. Lace bought some food for our noche buena.


Dec 24 -- Chrisstmas eve
Lace managed the noche buena on the table and I did manage to fix our sofa to convert it to a cinema type. Our plan is to have some movie marathon before and after the noche buena.


Thanks to Ogilvy for the wines!
Resorts World Manila for the cookies and mini cakes
Greenwich for the chicken and mozarella sticks
Kenny Rogers for the Steak
and to our housemates for cooking a yummy lasagna


Here's our home movie set up during Christmas eve.
We watched the movie -- Emoji the movie, we bought it from Astroplus.
I was planning to watch the Hobbit movie, but I learned that I dont have a Bluray or DVD at home, I only have Desolation of Smaug --- que horror on my end haahaha.


We're wearing pajamas that night....because our concept for our Christmas eve dinner ---- pajama party and movie marathon. LOL

But its okay to own again a pajama. I bought this in SM Hypermarket for PHP250.
Super comfy...and I plan to buy more hahahah.


The next morning Lace managed the table again and we were surprised to see a Christmas breakfast set up.

Goodies are from French Baker and Resorts World Manila.
Plus the eggs are from our Chicken backyard farm.


Dining again with my family and housemates


Its our first time to schedule the gift opening in the morning hahahh, Here's Ashton doing an unboxing episode for his Youtube -- The Blogger Kid Ashton
Watch the video here -->


That morning... my family in Chicago sent us a video of their Christmas celebration

On Christmas night time....we watched Home Alone the movie at home! hahaha
Also we did another part 2 of our pajama party.

Ashton laughed so hard during the scene when Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) played that gangster video on TV that tricked the two robbers.

And on New Year's eve we're planning to watch Home Alone 2

At this time..I was thinking of -- why didn't I bought that Die Hard movie part 1 DVD at Astroplus, its a good Christmas movie marathon too hahahaha.

So that's how we celebrate Christmas at home.
Thanks so much for reading my post

Merry Christmas to you and to your family

-- I will be in a blog vacation after this post.

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