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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2018 New Year Party at home


We're excited for 2018 , we are gearing up and going full blast because lots good things are expected to happen. Its the start of the journey and I do not want to be a bored old man and I want happiness, love and good wealth and health to all of us.

Its funny that we celebrate New year here at home and the last time we are here is last 2011, we always celebrate in a hotel and also in Tagaytay. But this 2018, we decided to celebrate it here at home because of our lovely pet cats and we dont want them be left alone.


A day before January, here are the things that we did.
First I compiled my fave and best photos of 2017. I did some compilation and Im preparing to do a blog post about my fave photos, this is to highlight my best in photography and also my fave shots for 2017.

Im a bit rusty when it comes to photography, but for 2018. Im going to practice again and focus on producing nice photographic content in my blog and also in social media.

As for vlogging, Im going to level up and focus on the quality of the production. I got the tools, the skills and the passion, what left to me is the time and patience hehehe.


Near the end of 2017, business is back and we went to Alabang Town Center for a short meeting to our financial adviser and then me and my son went around the mall to do some toy hunting.

I was hunting for a Transformers: Power of the prime toys and Im a bit sad that all toy stores ran out stocks and I need to travel around the metro this January 2018 to hunt for the Dinobots wave 1 set -- Grimlock, Swoop and Slug.


Wow! we are amazed at this Battle of Scarif LEGO Diorama at Rustans, Alabang Town Center. They are made by a local LEGO group of fans. The LEGO Star Wars diorama is so massive!

Also a sales girl offered us some freebies if we bought a PHP3.5 worth of LEGO Star Wars items. I asked Ashton if he wants, but then he declined because a certain set is not yet available.


Lunch at Sandaime Japanese restaurant. Their beef gyudon looks so lovely and tasty too!


The next day, the last leg of 2017, we went to SM Bacoor to shop for some items for our New Year's party. And our theme is..... no we dont have a theme yet that time.

So its anything goes hahahah. Bahala na!

But the most important thing --- no fire crackers!


We dined in this newly opened resto -- Jose, Filipino sizzling seafood and unlimited wagyu steak restaurant!

The food and their beef wagyu tastes so good! But I find the price of food a bit pricey. But thats okay, I think we should order a food meal and not the ala carte.

But I will visit again at Jose to try their unlimited beef wagyu steak.


New Year's eve!
Lace got the idea to use our two Instax camera. One for Ashton and One for Lace. I was planning to do some photography shoot and vlog, but I ran out of ideas what I should shoot ahhahah.


Each of us got our own get up, Lace and Ash made a DIY party hat, while I become a mix DJ that night and played party tunes for our party.


That's me doing the DJ mix and with the dancer hahaha


Our pet cat are a bit disoriented because of the loud speakers and also the pop and bang of fire crackers outside the house. We're glad that they are okay and not too stressed.


Here's our New Year media noche
Lace cooked another set of truffle carbonara pasta, then our housemates brought some fruit macaroni and sweet spaghetti. Our neighbor sent over some rice cake, then we placed a lot of macarons and muffins on the cup cake set to add more appetite.

Then I brought out a nicely chilled non alcoholic sparkling wine and chardonnay wine


Not our media noche heheh
But that's the table set from my family in Chicago


Table set for New Year from Lace's family in Melbourne.

Wow!! all of us really enjoying the end of 2017 and excited to face lots of success, fails, and more success this 2018.


Before the countdown, our housemates arrived and we ate all of the food at the buffet.


Here's the most funniest moment of our New Year' party. I was about to pop blast a party popper, but after I twist the cap, the party popper blasted behind me and not above.

Everyone laughed and its a waste of PHP150!!! hahhaha. but we had fun after the laugh!

This is the best moment of laughter for 2018!!!


Still laughing after the party popper fail


So we grabbed all the confetti from the floor and just throw it away right after the New Year countdown.


Photo op time.... welcoming 2018 with a bang!!!


Here we tease our only child... ahhaahah


Then he got his revenge but pushing his mom next to me


So that's how we celebrate New Year here at home!

Let's make a toast and cheers for the success of our journey last 2017 and then raise our glasses higher and sip a nice wine to welcome 2018

Happy New Year to you!!!

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