Feast of the Black Nazarene 2018 in 360 degrees photos ( Insta 360 Air)


I can now post and share 360 degrees VR Photos here in my blog. Years ago, I attempted to make my own 360 using my DSLR camera and some Photoshop stitches skills, but I can do only half of 360 and not a spherical photo. But this time, I can now post a better real 360 degrees photo of any event here in the Philippines.

For this photo set, I used the Insta 360 Air camera to capture a VR 360 photo of the Feast of the Black Nazarene. And embedded it via Momento 360 web app here in my blog

Gear used:
1. Oppo F3 Plus
2. Insta 360 Air camera

You can navigate through the photos and also you can click to enlarge the view or use your VR Googles to view a better virtual photo on your mobile devices.

View the 360 VR photos below

Just arrived in Isetan mall, Recto, Manila. I spotted a crowd build up and many people can't pass through because of this blind guitar performer. I stopped for awhile and snapped this scene.

The Isetan mall is one of my 1st stage of journey going to Quiapo Church.

My arrival in Quiapo Church is not that easy, I crossed with the crowd to another incoming crowd that are going to exit the area. Its a bit chaotic. I blame the street vendors for blocking the way and this created a lock down. Kids got hurt, but Im glad they are okay.

Here infront of Quiapo Church, I felt a very calm environment.

Now attending the mass.

After the mass, a representative of the church went out and started to bless us with  holy water. The Nazareno devotees raised up their image of the Black Nazarene and towel with Jesus face prints and wait it to be blessed.

My phone and this Insta 360 Air was covered with holy water too.

This is the moment that I've been waiting for...
The procession of the Black Nazarene.. Thousands of devotees are following the image the entire day, I arrived here at the Arlegui street where the crowd was divided and my place is a bit safe and not too tight. I was planning to take a much closer shot, but there was a live electric wire sparking near us, so I avoided to move forward and stayed here to take some footage.