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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant back to PH to promote Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet


Hello Drew Barrymore!!
If ever my camera can talk back in 1 second and with slow motion,  that will be my welcome message to Drew Barrymore. Last night was the red carpet premiere, fan conference with Netflix fans and also a one day chance to see the lead cast of Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet -- Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. They are here for the season 2 promotion and because of their visit, many will be converted to watch their series--- I've seen some episode last night from the cinema screening and I think I will be glued this March 23 to watch the rest of the episode of Season 2.

The truth is, I don't watch their series, and I always avoid browsing it on our Netflix screen, I saw the trailer of it months ago and I get sick when I always see blood. The story of their series Santa Clarita Diet is about the mysterious condition of Drew's character Sheila, when she was declared a living zombie and at the same time a loving wife and mom. The story on Season 1 is about the family's way how to live in harmony with Sheila's zombie condition, the story continues this coming Season 2 as Sheila and her family will encounter more problems and the zombie condition of Sheila starts to go out of control.

About my photo above, I got luck that I was near the elevator and our press and media pit are infront of the stage and the elevator side of the Megamall Fashion Hall. Everyone were surprised that Drew Barrymore exit the elevator and waves to everyone, so I panic and ran to the edge of the pit and started shooting... so lucky that I got this shot --- for a second, she saw me snapping a photo.


Hours before that, I was hesitant to attend this event, Im so clueless and no idea that there will be a red carpet at the fashion hall, because my invite is only for the cinema viewing of the show and there's no info about the red carpet welcome for the stars. But when I heard that everyone can enter the red carpet as an audience, then I decided to attend and take a chance to snap a better photo of the cast of Santa Clarita Diet.


We're on the guest list, but when our companion claimed her ticket, she was surprised that the Netflix booth gave her 4 tickets, then she discovered that they are giving away tickets to watch the Season 2 at cinema 4. I think they gave away a limited number of tickets.

After our coffee break in Satchmi, we went down to the fashion hall, claimed our ticket and then our friends from Globe who invited us to the event, escorted us at the audience pit. But then I scored a press ID with a help from a friend. Thanks to her for getting me an extra access. So I jumped out of the audience pit and went straight to the Press and media pit near the stage.


Here's my test shot at the 3rd floor of the Megamall Fashion Hall. Im deciding if ever I will snap here for better view or transfer at the event floor.


Hello Geli Victor!!! she;s the host of last night's Netflix event.


My view at the press and media pit. Its so crowded already, but I noticed there's a TV and photographer's pit at the mid-side of the red carpet, I just wish that I can go there, but its impossible, because you need super PRESS ID and access, and accompanied by Netflix staff to transfer to that area. Only TV and official photographer are allowed in that pit area.


Andito na sya!!!!
Dumating na sya!!!

Oh wait!!! si Yen Dreyfus yan!! hindi si Drew hahah
Me and her husband Chuckie Dreyfus were at the media pit, then we saw Yen at the 2nd floor on position to cover the event with a bird's eye view environment. Galeng!! the Dreyfus are on a team work to cover this.

Btw, me and Ted Claudio are collaborating a coverage, he position at the media platform at the back and ako naman sa media pit, so we compare coverage after the event and borrow photos na lang if ever one of us get a good shot.


The Arrival of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant
They arrived via the elevator and then the crowd went wild!!
Drew never stop waving and saying a response to all fans that greets them, Drew and Timothy stopped infront of us and then started to talk to some fans

There are too many people infront of me, using their smartphones to take a pic. I position myself aiming my DSLR with 55-200mm lens ----  its a long lens to snap a photo when she arrived.

I noticed that someone had block my view and when I switch --- my camera lens stayed 2 inches close to the neck of a woman taking a photo, she didn't mind or maybe she didn't noticed my lens, because she's busy taking photo with her phone. I was ready to apologize if ever my lens touched her skin, but Im glad it did not.

I transferred to another location when Drew and Timothy walked away from our location.


Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant (not in my view) were happy to see all the fans and I think she is shocked to received a very warm welcome from us pinoy and Netflix fans.

It was a very calm red carpet premiere, and Im glad not a riot one. Good job to all organizers and security staff of SM Megamall.


A quick hi and hello. Drew and Timothy went to the other side of the audience pit and they sign autograph and also take selfies with the fans. They are so lucky to meet the stars of Santa Clarita Diet in person!

I wonder who got lucky to have a selfie -- as of now Im searching the net for those photos.


Finally, Timothy Olyphant now facing my view,  and took a very nice photo of him, all smiling infront of the fans.


Drew Barrymore still got the cute smile....hay thats why many of us love her. She's so animated and cute on film


And here are the photos from the stage.
We learned that Drew Barrymore was here in Manila 2 years ago, she was here in SM Aura's SM Store to promote her make up brand--Flower Beauty. I've watched Jerald Uy's vlog interviewing a media person who finished an interview with Drew, she said that Drew will go back here to explore the island and beautiful beaches of the Philippines.

Timothy Olyphant surprised us that he used to live here in the Philippines. Then Drew told him to share the details, then we learned that Timothy lived in Davao when he was a toddler, he was here for a quite time and then moved back to the US. He reveals that his father works at DOLE pineapples in Davao that's why they need to move there, Then Timothy revealed again that his great grand father was the head of the engineering department of University of the Philippines.

Wow!!!! awesome info from the two stars!!



Drew and Timothy invited everyone to watch the Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. During that time I am still hesitant, but then when I saw the two stars on stage, they've brought their characters from the series and it was like a real thing --- looking at Sheila and Joel Hammond.


Observing the two stars made me convinced myself to watch the series.  Drew said that the series is a bit gore and contains a lot of blood, but there's a story that is heart warming and I felt that Drew's animated and cute character can be seen again in this series. We love her so much because of her different characters in previous films, but here in Santa Clarita Diet, she's still the Drew we know, cute and lovable, but scary as Sheila.



Gelli Victor who hosted the event did an awesome chat and moderation for the fan conference, she invited Drew and Timothy to try the Manila Diet--- whoaaa they've tried the dirty ice cream!!! hahahah


Drew and Timothy took that wooden spoon and scoop some dirty ice cream ( we call it dirty ice cream, because these ice cream vendors roam around the street to sell, but Im sure the one from SM  Megamall is not dirty.. LOL )


OMG! They look and smile each other like from the series!!! hahahaha
Looking at them made me feel that they really are the real Sheila and Joel Hammond from Santa Clarita.




The fan conference ended....the audience and the media screamed-- Drew...Drew..Drew...
And the last thing we saw of Drew is doing a "thank you" gesture...

Thank you Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant for visiting us.
Thank you Netflix for bringing them here, you did a lot already since Stranger Things, I hope you invite more celebs to promote Netflix shows
and also Thank you Globe for inviting me.


Thanks too, Gelli Victor!  Always the best event host of our country!

Here are some snaps of my behind the scene during the event


with Chuckie Dreyfus, Sky Gavin and Rodel Flordeliz


Myrns Roman, Omar Itay and Earth Rullan


EJ and Ginger Arboleda


Jerald Uy


Ted Claudio and Jesse Herrera

Ayan!!! thanks for reading and I apologize that I posted this blog post -- half baked.
But Im glad I continued the write up after my 8 hour absence.

See you at the next blog post!

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